Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1225

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1225

“Cathy, how much longer are you going to keep me waiting?” Wesley tilted his head to kiss her.

However, Catherine could not resist tilting her head to the other side in an attempt to dodge him.

Wesley’s handsome face darkened. At the sight of his expression, a sense of fear subconsciously washed over Catherine, and she promptly slipped out of his embrace.

Nevertheless, Wesley was hugging her very tightly, reluctant to let go of her.

“Can’t I even give you a kiss now?” Wesley was infuriated.

He had put up with her these days, but ever since he hit her, he noticed that he had been losing control of the anger simmering within him.

This was because she would rather allow the impotent Shaun than him to touch her.

“Are you going to… hit me again?” Catherine instinctively covered her face.

It was her instinct, but she was really frightened as well.

Wesley’s body stiffened, and he instantly hugged her. “No. I won’t hit you anymore. I just love you too much. Cathy, I want you.”

His need was so straightforward that even Catherine could sense it.

She was completely at a loss for words.

Logan had been keeping him under surveillance all the time. Wesley was still dissatisfied despite doing i t with Regina in the office every day.

Wesley was really a sc*mbag.

When he made such a remark, did he not feel like throwing up?

“Wesley, give me a bit more time…” Catherine hedged while dragging her words.

“ I always give you time, but how much longer do you actually need?” An imploring look washed over Wesley’s face. “I’ll set a time. We’ll do it this Sunday night. I don’t want to wait any longer.”

Catherine widened her eyes, not knowing what to say.

“Go and take a shower.” Wesley freed her.

Only after Catherine went upstairs did Wesley turn around and head to his study. He looked around, and it seemed that no one had tampered with his things. However, when he switched on the laptop, it was only left with 25 percent of battery. Before he left this morning, he was aware that his laptop still had 3o percent.

His expression changed all of a sudden.

A moment later, Wesley dialed a number. “Check whose drone destroyed the nearby cable…”

The next day.

Catherine dragged herself into the office with a tired body.

Last night, her head was occupied with Wesley’s words and laptop, so she could not fall asleep.

Shortly after, Austin and Logan came. Upon noticing her pale look, Logan asked anxiously, “Did you discover something?”

“Mm.” Catherine then told them her presumptions.

Although Logan and Austin did not know much about the incident three years ago, they looked somber after hearing it.

“I think… You cannot stay by his side anymore.” Austin was first to say, “Wesley hides too well.

Although you found something suspicious in his laptop yesterday, you couldn’t find any evidence of his crime. This shows that he’s a cautious person. Now, both of you are basically acting with each other. If he finds out that you’re investigating him, he might stealthily launch a terrifying counterattack.”

Logan nodded. “I agree with Austin. What’s more, Wesley has a murderer from Neah Bay by his side. We don’t even know the murderer’s background, but he knows the two of us like the back of his hand. If we go head -to -head with him, we surely won’t be able to defeat him.”

Catherine knitted her brows discontentedly.

If this had happened earlier, she would have carried on with the investigation. However, what Wesley said last night made her realize that his patience with her had begun to wear off.

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