Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1224

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1224

The photo was of a young and energetic lady who looked about 18 years old. She was smiling shyly at the camera while carrying a bag.

The instant Catherine recognized the lady, she was shocked to the core.

This lady’s appearance…

She was Sarah’s cousin, Shelley.

Previously, Rebecca had undergone plastic surgery to change her face to Shelley’s prior to showing up by Shaun’s side to look after him.

However, Catherine could sense that the Shelley in this photo was not the one Rebecca transformed into. In this photo, Shelley’s eyes were pure and innocent.

In other words, the lady in this photo was the real Shelley.

However, why would Wesley have the real Shelley’s photo?

He had even saved the photo three years ago, before Shaun hired Shelley as his carer.

Catherine recalled that Rebecca escaped from the fire, but the real Shelley, who was swapped with Rebecca, died in the fire. Due to this incident, Charity was framed and sent to jail. When Charity fled later, she jumped into the sea and most likely died.

Could it be that… Wesley was secretly involved in that matter too?

After this scary thought flashed in Catherine’s mind, she felt a chill that made her shudder even though it was not the winter season.

Just as she had begun to investigate Wesley, it hit her that he was much more terrifying than she imagined.

How many evil deeds had he done? Her phone rang out of the blue.

It was a call from Austin. “Wesley is coming back. As he’s driving very fast, he’ll arrive at the villa within ten minutes.”

Catherine swiftly cleared all her activities on the laptop and sneaked out of the study.

Her heart was still racing madly.

Even so, she could only try her best to pull herself together. She must not let Wesley detect anything unusual.

Seven minutes later, the sound of the car engine rang in the courtyard. Wesley promptly walked in, only to find Catherine playing with her phone on the couch. His darkened eyes trembled, and he then asked with an astonished tone, “There’s a blackout in the house, huh?”

“Yeah. The power just went out all of a sudden when I was having dinner.” Catherine looked annoyed. “I’ve called the management, but they have no idea what’s going on as well.”

“You should’ve told me immediately.” Wesley extended his hand to stroke her hair.

Catherine nearly had goosebumps. “Didn’t you say you have a social function to attend? Why are you home so early?”

“The other party had something urgent, so we didn’t have dinner together. I thought I might as well come home and eat with you. I didn’t expect… Let me call and ask.”

Wesley sat down beside her and called the management.

After contacting the telco company, the management said that someone with a drone accidentally destroyed the nearby cable. Repair works were underway, and it would take an hour or so before power was back on.

“Since it’s going to take a while, let’s go out and watch a movie together. We didn’t get to watch it last time,” Wesley said gently.

“No, I’m tired. I’ll just play with my phone at home.”

Catherine did not feel like going out for a movie with him at all.

If it were not for the intention of discovering the truth, she would have divorced Wesley right away.

Back then, she often claimed that Shaun was blind. However, she was not any better than him.

What was worse, she had married Wesley, this devil. After an hour, the power in the house was back on.

Just when Catherine was about to go upstairs for a shower, Wesley suddenly pulled her onto his knees and wrapped his hands around her affectionately.

“What’s the matter?” At the thought of Wesley and Regina’s disgusting behavior, she felt like throwing

up. Nevertheless, all she could do was endure it to avoid exposing herself.

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