Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1222

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1222

“Mom, are you planning not to acknowledge me for the rest of your life?” Rodney asked with a bitter smile as he went after Wendy.

However, Wendy was not swayed. Instead, her expression turned grimmer. “Well, did you ever think about my feelings when you chose Sarah and harmed my grandson? Rodney Snow, I’ve worked so hard to give birth to you and raise you. I don’t expect you to be filial to me, but you shouldn’t be so ungrateful.”

“Mom, I didn’t…” Rodney was extremely aggrieved.

Freya did not want to chip in at first. However, she could not help it when she saw his pathetic look. She said indifferently, “Since you were bold enough to make this decision, you shouldn’t pester us anymore. Hurry up and look for Sarah. She can comfort your miserable soul and give you what your parents can’t.

“Freya Lynch…”

Her mockery made Rodney explode with rage. “This is the Snow family’s business. Stop being so conceited. If I hadn’t gotten you pregnant, you wouldn’t be where you are today.”

“Shut up. ” Wendy stood up for Freya and chided him, “Even without Freya, I’d still disown you if you insist on involving yourself with Sarah.

Although Freya isn’t my biological child, she’s much tougher than you. I don’t plan to acknowledge you as my son anymore. Stop calling me mom. I don’t know you.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she dragged Freya away. “Let’s go, Freya.”

Rodney’s heart ached at the sight of Wendy’s cold and resolute figure.

Despite knowing that he had been abandoned, he could not resist going after them.

He saw Wendy entering a maternity clothing store with Freya. Holding a mini baby’s outfit, Wendy grinned from ear to ear. Rodney was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. Given that Wendy chose a pink outfit for his child, could it mean that the child would be a girl?

He was going to have a daughter…?

“Rodney Snow, please leave this place now. Don’t interrupt Madam Snow and Miss Lynch’s

shopping.” A bodyguard walked to Rodney and called out his name grimly.

Rodney felt deeply humiliated. “Shane, how dare you treat me this way. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll return to the Snow family…”

“You can never return to the Snow family.” The bodyguard said coldly, “Old Master Snow said that he would never allow you to come back. He meant what he said.”

Rodney was momentarily stunned.

Indeed, his grandfather had always been a man of his word.

He never thought Old Master Snow would be so heartless.

Tears welled in his eyes as he turned around and left in an embarrassed and gloomy state.

Deep down, he felt terrible. Since Sarah was in the same mall, he gave her a call to see if she would console him. Nevertheless, she did not answer his call.

In the end, he headed to the hospital to look for Chester.

Chester was busy reading a medical record. Rodney was so upset that he pulled a long face like an abandoned husky. “Chester, even you’re ignoring me now, huh? Are you taking Shaun’s side? Sure

enough, I’m the extra person among the three of us.

Chester’s brows knitted together. “Are you done? You’re a man, but why are you behaving like a woman?”

“I’m just telling the truth.” A resentful look washed over Rodney’s face. “I’ve been standing here talking to you for ten minutes, and you haven’t even looked me in the eye.”

“Because I can’t be bothered about you.” Chester lazily put down the medical record.

Rodney’s heart broke. “Chester, you’re too much. You’re the second person who said that to me today.”

“Rodney, you really let me down. I didn’t attend the trial this morning, but I watched it online.”

With a grave expression, Chester continued, “You should know that Sarah was lying. It is true that Shaun and Sarah did not do it, and you know this better than anyone else.”

Rodney lowered his head, not knowing what to do. “ I’m pissed too. After the trial ended, I asked Sarah about it. She said it was Attorney Stevens’ decision because he can’t afford to lose the case.”

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