I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 775

I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 775

David was still asleep when he was woken up by the phone. After he picked it up, he saw that it was a call from Julia.

He answered the phone.

Julia told David about the Haran family’s attack on Somerland last night.

In the end, Mason defeated them all by himself and the record was amazing.

The Haran family and its remaining forces suffered heavy losses.

It shook the whole world in one fell swoop and made everyone’s jaw drop.

After he hung up the call with Julia, David was taken aback.

After everything, the Haran family still could not hold themselves back from attacking on the last day of his appointment with Mason.

Mason’s plan was successfully completed.

He killed two late God Rankers and five mid-God

Rankers from the opposing forces. This was indeed enough to shock the world.

However, David figured that it was still not enough.

He should start another fire himself.

He wanted all the forces that were eying Somerland to see that the dragon of Somerland was not something little boys like them could peep at.

He got up and washed up.

After he had a simple breakfast, he went back to his room.

He opened the system panel and saw that his lavish points had reached 6012 points.

He did not hesitate to add all 6000 points to his mind power.

His mind power then skyrocketed directly from God level 1 to God level 7.

His physique was still at the God level limit.

If he had another 3000 lavish points, David could raise his mind power to God level 10, which was God level limit.

At that time, under the influence of his double limit physique and mind power, he would surpass peak God Rank and take another small step, reaching a height that no one in the world had reached thus far.

As for what that level was?

He had no idea.

Mason probably did not know either.

It was because no one had reached this stage before, and he, David Lidell, would make history.

He wanted to move ahead of everyone and explore this unknown road.

Then, he would continue going.

David did not know that an existence beyond peak God Rank had already awakened in the world.

He had always believed that peak God Rank was the strongest combat power on Earth at this moment.

Moreover, he was about to surpass this strongest existence and be the one and only entity that held this power in the world.

3000 lavish points.

According to the current rate of increment in lavish points, it would be reached soon enough.

However, he had other things to do now.

After upgrading the mind power, David closed his eyes.

He carefully experienced the changes brought about by the skyrocketing mind power and then slowly adapted to it.

The skyrocketing mind power would give him a short­term headache.

Therefore, he would need some time to ease it.

Time passed slowly.

After an hour, David opened his eyes.

A glimmer of light flashed across his eyes.

He had fully adapted to the changes brought about by the skyrocketing mind power.

David stood up, moved his body, and walked out of the hotel.

He rented a car, took out his phone, and looked at the map. After he determined the direction, he drove to the destination.

Three hours later.

David went to a quiet and secluded place.

A few kilometers ahead was the residence of one of the five major forces in the world, the Mosley family.

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