I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 774

I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 774

When David was extremely busy, he received news from Julia.

The King family sent dozens of masters to help out, and among them were even two God Rank guardians.

This overjoyed David.

He did not have much hope this time he sent news to the major hidden families and sects.

After all, the situation in Somerland could be seen at a glance, and they had almost reached the end of the line.

It was also understandable that the major hidden forces chose to protect themselves.

However, the King family gave him a big surprise.

There were very few families that were devoted to the people.

After the situation stabilized, he would be sure to give the King family enough benefits.

‘I can’t disappoint such a conscientious family,’ David thought to himself.

He did not know what was going on inside the King family.

It was not that the family was devoted to the people.

It was Selena who fabricated their relationship in exchange for the support of the King family. 1

Just like Selena said, to them, she already had a relationship with David.

Hence, David was the son-in-law of the King family.

At the same time, David was also the captain of the Somerland Discipline Team.

With this relationship, even if the King family did not want to help Somerland, they needed to help David.

Yes, this should be regarded as the wife’s family supporting their son-in-law.

If David knew the inside story, he would jump in anger.

T am a f*cking peak God Ranker, a supreme powerhouse, and yet I have to sacrifice my s*x appeal in exchange for support?

‘What an insult! ’

This would humiliate all the peak God Rankers.

The dozens of masters of the King family were divided into dozens of teams before being sent all over Somerland.

Augustus was also among those sent to support him. He wanted to find David directly and teach this kid a lesson.

David quietly stole his precious little girl from him.

However, considering David was also the God Rank guardian, and that a fight would cause a huge ruckus, eventually, Augustus decided to drop it.

The point was that he might not win against David.

David’s medical skills were superb.

If he was tricked at that time, he would be utterly humiliated.

The father-in-law suffering a loss in front of his son- in-law. He could not embarrass himself like that.

He would think about this in the future.

In any case, he remembered this hatred toward David.

When the situation stabilized, he would take Selena to see David.

David should not dare to fight back then.

‘Alright, that’s settled.’

The dispersal of the people from the King family immediately relieved David’s pressure, and the situation in Somerland gradually stabilized.

There was no more lack of manpower anymore.

After all, the Dominic family and Star Alliance also had limited manpower, and they did not dare to blatantly show up, so they could only develop in secret.

With the lesson from Fragrant City, they did not dare to dispatch God Rank guardians anymore.

They would only send some of their weaklings to wreak havoc.

God Rank guardians were the mainstays of a force, and the death of two people at once had greatly damaged the foundation of the Dominic family.

There could be no more casualties, otherwise, the Dominic family would be doomed before the catastrophe even arrived.

Without the threat of the guardians, David sent the five halfway to God Rankers out.

The whole of Somerland was slowly returning to normal.

Although there were still some small tricks going on in the dark, they would not cause much damage.

Two days passed quickly.

The third day came.

It was also the last day of David and Mason1 s agreement.

If the Haran family did not act today, Mason would personally go to them and destroy the family, shocking the major forces while stabilizing the shaky situation in Somerland.

Meanwhile, David had a plan in mind.

If Mason exposed his secret, he would act immediately.

It was time to show his fangs.

Otherwise, everyone would think that David was weak.

They even dared to threaten Miss Pearl with their identity.

The Mosley family was so brave.

He could not even bear to make Miss Pearl cry, but the Mosley family dared to make Miss Pearl cry all night.

D**n it!

The reason why he did not kill Walt on the spot that day was that it would be too easy to kill him directly.

David wanted to make Walt feel hopeless.

He wanted him to die in despair and pain.

Only this would quell the anger in his heart.

It was nighttime of the last day.

David quietly flew to Falconia overnight.

This time, he did not fly on a private jet.

Instead, he changed his identity and took a passenger plane, i

After arriving in Falconia, David recomposed himself.

After he saw that he had 5978 lavish points, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He had a restful sleep.

Early the next morning, a message bombarded the whole world.

The Haran family formed a powerful and terrifying team with the world’s major forces. After they went to Somerland to seek revenge, they suffered heavy casualties.

There were four late God Rankers and eight mid-God Rankers in the team.

The final result of the probing of Somerland this time was the death of two late God Rankers and five mid- God Rankers.

This price was not too big.

However, according to those who came back alive, Mason was not dead at all.

Not only was he not dead, but his strength was still at its peak.

The battle between the two sides ended in a crushing defeat.

Their team, which was looked up to by the world, had no chance to fight back at all.

The reason they could come back alive was not that they won the battle.

Instead, they fled when they saw the situation taking a turn for the worse. That was why they could come back alive.

A tossed stone raised a thousand ripples.

All the forces in the world were shaken.

Was this the strength of a supreme peak God Rank powerhouse?

It was so scary that it stunned countless people.

This was also the first time that a peak God Ranker fully demonstrated his strength in front of countless people.

The four late God Rankers and the eight mid-God Rankers could only be annihilated.

Fear filled every force that was spying on Somerland.

They were afraid of being targeted by a peerless master like Mason.

Once this news broke, everyone behaved themselves.

The Dominic family and Star Alliance could not wait to dig a hole for themselves to hide.

Some forces eyeing Somerland quickly came forward to apologize.

Those small and medium-sized countries that once left the control of Somerland began giving up everything to rely on Somerland again.

Somerland still had such a heritage.

There was no safer place in the world than to rely on Somerland.

At this time, the world suddenly realized that Somerland was setting a trap and that they were waiting for the Haran family to fall into it.

Moreover, the Haran family had fallen into it so obediently.

Not only did they fall into the trap, but they also even led the other major forces into the trap as well.

All forces were lamenting the fact that Mason was so good at trickery.

He did not just announce his return, he also terrified countless people.

The strength of the peak God Ranker was so terrifying.

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