I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 773

I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 773

Not only Delmont, but all the cores of the King family present were also looking at this blessed daughter of the King family.

They found that she was not joking. On the contrary, there was a very serious expression on her face.

“Selena, take back what you just said. This kind of family matter is not something a girl like you can discuss,” Augustus reminded.

“Father, trust me, I wouldn’t joke around with the entire King family. This is our chance. If we miss it, we won’t have another opportunity again,” Selena said seriously.

“You…” Augustus shook his head and said nothing.

He knew his daughter’s character.

She would not say such unsure things recklessly.

Since she dared to say so, she should have a basis for doing so.

He knew his daughters had been in touch with David at the grand event of the chosen ones in Somerland.

She had probably found something.

“Selena, if you want us to spare no effort to support Somerland and David, you have to give me a reason! You have to know that once we are tied to Somerland, it will be difficult to withdraw and we will have no way out,” Delmont looked at Selena and said.

Selena was also a little anxious at that moment. It was because she had not found a way to convince Delmont.

She knew how strong David was.

However, she could not tell them.

‘What should I do?

‘I can’t convince Grandfather if I don’t say it.’

Everyone was waiting for Selena’s answer.

They wanted to see what reason she had to make the family risk everything.

“Grandfather, please believe me.”

Selena held back for a long time, only to say this.

“I believe you, but there are so many people in the King family. How can they believe you? This is not just about us, but the whole family. If you want us to support Somerland, you have to say something to convince everyone. If you can’t, then I’m sorry, I can’t promise you this,” Delmont said.

Selena panicked.

As a member of the King family, she could not helplessly watch the family miss this opportunity to take off.

“Grandfather, it’s because… It’s because I’m already David’s woman,” Selena said with a blush on her face.


The core members of the King family present all looked at Selena in astonishment.

They never thought that Selena would give such a reason.

Not even Augustus thought of it.

The daughter whom he had raised for more than 20 years had quietly become someone else’s?

‘When did this happen?

‘Could it have happened toward the end of the grand event of the chosen ones?

‘No wonder she didn’t leave with me and went straight to Dark Cape.

‘But this development was a little too fast, no?

‘That b*****d David.

‘He deceived my excellent daughter in secret.’

Even though Augustus had high opinions of David, he could not accept this right now.

“W-What did you say?” Delmont asked, returning to his senses.

“Grandfather, I’m actually David’s woman now, which means that David is now the son-in-law of the King family. Even if we don’t help him now, with this relationship, the King family can’t escape and we will also be implicated. We should do our best to help Somerland to get through this difficult time so that we won’t be left in a catch 22 situation,” Selena said loudly. 1

Now that it has been decided. She decided to throw caution to the wind for the sake of her family.

Although they might not understand her now, she believed that it would not be long before the whole family would be grateful toward her.

“You… You… You fool! ” Delmont said bitterly and hatefully.

“Grandfather, even if I’m a fool, we don’t have any other choice. Plus, when the family sent me to the grand event of the chosen ones in Somerland, wasn’t it so that I could marry the number one among the younger generation in Somerland? Plus, David is recognized as the number one among the younger generation in Somerland, so I struck first and gained the upper hand to become his woman in advance. I acted according to the family arrangement.”

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