I’m A Quadrillionaire, Chapter 704

I’m A Quadrillionaire, Chapter 704

Whether the ranking of South River University can rise to the top three among the universities in Somerland would depend on whether David could successfully graduate from this place. This forced Oliver to call David himself. “Mr. Carson, I’m sorry, I’ve been busy recently, so I forgot when classes were starting. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be on campus tomorrow,” David replied embarrassedly.

He completely forgot when classes were starting, and he even forgot that he was still a senior.

“Then it’s settled. You must come tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for you on campus.” “Okay, I’ll be there tomorrow. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up first, Mr. Carson.” “Alright, let’s meet tomorrow and talk.” “Okay!” David said and hung up the phone.

Oliver would be waiting for him on campus tomorrow and David figured that it was because he promised to donate 100 million dollars. He did not know that his identity had been slowly revealed.
As East League Capitals were doing more and more and its valuation continuously growed, it would definitely attract the attention of many people since it was about to break through the 10 trillion mark and become a conglomerate that countless people admired.
Although David’s information had been stored in Somerland’s top-secret database and it was classified as the highest level secret, the profile of East League Capitals was not hidden.
Even the simplest two things, for example, his name and age, could make some people think of him.

For example, the chancellor of South River University, Oliver Carson. Because he donated 100 million to the university without even batting an eyelid and the name and age of the chairman of East League Capitals matched with David, he was basically certain that David was the owner of East League Capitals.
However, it was not important to David whether his identity was exposed or not.
He had enough strength to protect himself. Mason just told him that no one in the world surpassed peak God Rank.

Therefore, at this moment, he was already standing on the top of the world.

Even if he did not have enough combat experience and could not defeat other peak God Rankers, he could still run, right? As long as he was not surrounded by three to five peak God Rankers, he was not afraid of anyone. Plus, the possibility of him being surrounded by three to five peak God Rankers was too small. How many peak God Rankers were there in the world?

They were all from different forces. Mason was also on the same side as him so this possibility could also be ruled out for the time being. ‘Does this mean that I am already fearless?’ David was stunned at the thought of this. ‘How long has it been since I acquired the system? ‘I have reached this level in less than a year. ‘How terrifying!

According to the functions of the system, he could get lavish points as long as he spent money. From here, he could be able to become stronger after having lavish points. Thus, whoever obtained this system would be on top of the world very soon. Even so, they might an even better position than David.

After all, David was too careful. He would always take all possibilities into account whenever he was doing something. That was why he was not spending money and getting enough lavish points fast enough. If it was someone braver, they might have already surpassed peak God Rank. Of course, there was also another possibility.

They might expose themselves before they grow and then get dissected for research purposes. Compared to being dissected and researched, David figured it would be better to be safe. It did not matter if his progress was slow.

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