I’m A Quadrillionaire, Chapter 703

I’m A Quadrillionaire, Chapter 703

After the meeting, David went to Celia’s house and prepared to accompany Celia. He would now wait for the major families to send their people in three days, so that they could be grouped according to their strengths and assigned to the places where they would be in charge. There were 66 provinces in Somerland, and David planned to divide the discipline team into ten teams, each of which was responsible for six to seven provinces.

As for how this group would be divided, he would only decide after he saw who the forces had sent in three day’s time.

The people of Team Dragon would definitely be broken up. David still could not trust the people of the families and sects, and they need to be monitored by the people from Team Dragon for some time.

At the same time, Celia told David that classes were starting tomorrow, and she did not have much free time.

It was only then that David remembered that he was still a university student and he was about to enter his senior year.

He also promised Oliver, the chancellor of South River University, that he would definitely come back when the class started.
Recently, there had been a lot of things happening and he had completely forgotten about this matter.
Sure enough, it was not long before David’s phone rang. He picked up the phone and saw that it was Oliver, the chancellor of South River University. “Hello, Mr. Carson,” David answered the phone and greeted Oliver. “David, are you in River City now?” Oliver asked. “Um… Mr. Carson, I’m still in Capital City,” David replied. “Still in Capital City? Tomorrow will be the first day of class. You promised me that you would be back on campus when classes start. You won’t break your promise, right?” Oliver said. It was logically impossible for a chancellor to personally intervene in whether a student came to class or not. Even the best students at South River University were contacted by some specialized staff. Having the chancellor of South River University involve himself in such a trivial matter would make him look a little cheap.
However, David was different.
David’s identity had been revealed, and he was the owner of East League Capitals which was in the limelight lately.
East League Capitals! Oliver did some research specifically on this company.

That was a super large company with a valuation of nearly ten trillion. When he first heard the news, he did not believe it at all.

However, East League Capitals was established in River City and the chairman was also called David Lidell, who was a 22-year-old youth. In addition, David also donated 100 million to the university.

After linking together these pieces of information, Oliver had no choice but to believe it.

No wonder David could donate 100 million at will.

David was a big shot who was in charge of a capital valued at nearly 10 trillion, so was 100 million worth anything to him?

Moreover, the foundation established by East League Capitals was estimated to have invested over 100 billion dollars in schools, nursing homes, and orphanages built in impoverished areas across the country.

This was a company with a conscience. David was also a conscientious boss.

Oliver was now afraid that David would not come to campus or that he would want to transfer to a better university.

Based on David’s current status, even if he wanted to enroll at Greenwood University, doing so would be easy for him.

That was why he was calling David now as classes were about to start.

He was also afraid to disturb David if he called too early. After all, he was a big shot in charge of a ten trillion dollar company, so he would definitely be very busy. Although Oliver was now the chancellor of one of the top ten universities in Somerland, the difference between the two was still too large if he were to be compared with David. All Oliver had to do now was to have David graduate from South River University. As long as David graduated from South River University, once his identity was exposed, South River University would definitely become popular all over the country and even the world.

A college student was able to build a super large company with assets worth nearly 10 trillion and he also tried his best to give back to society. What would this mean? It showed that the university had educated him well! Not only could the university sculpt its students into elites, but it could also teach the students to be grateful. This was definitely a great opportunity for South River University.

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