I’m A Quadrillionaire, Chapter 702

I’m A Quadrillionaire, Chapter 702

“Plus, the size of Somerland is too large and we don’t have enough manpower, so I hope that every force sitting here can arrange for at least one person to report to me and join this newly established discipline team according to your situation. “There is also a requirement for this person. Their abilities should not be too low, so as not to be too weak to fight back when they encounter the enemy at some point such that they can only be slaughtered by others.

“After everyone sends a person to join this team, we will appropriately issue resources according to the size of each forces’ contribution. The more you contribute, the more you get.”

Since they had agreed with the first point, naturally, no one would have an opinion on the second point.

Moreover, the second point was beneficial to them.

As long as they made a large enough contribution, the forces they were in would also get more benefits.

What was the purpose of their resurfacing? Wasn’t it to occupy more resources, recruit more people, and expand their strength to deal with the coming catastrophe?

As for what David said about arranging for someone weak to join the discipline team, that was simply impossible. This person would represent their force and they would show this to everyone in Somerland.

If their person was killed by the enemy before they made any meritorious deeds, how would they show their faces in public?

Therefore, they would definitely send someone with the necessary strength to join the discipline team to increase their prestige and produce meritorious deeds.

“The King family agrees on the second point. We will send one person who’s halfway to God Rank and three peak Dragon Rankers to join the discipline team,” Augustus said. “The Krums also agree! We will send someone halfway to God Rank and two peak Dragon Rankers to join the discipline team,” Taylor, the third elder from the Krums also said. The two great forces had spoken so the people below all spoke as well. However, many people still could not decide what kind of strength to send, so they needed to go back and discuss it first.

“Since everyone agrees, let me add one last sentence.

“In the newly formed discipline team, I am the captain and will be responsible for the arrangement and mobilization of all the personnel. Julia next to me is the deputy captain and is responsible for the logistics of the discipline team. “I hope that after your people join us, no matter how old or experienced they are, they will all obey my commands. Don’t think that they can disobey me just because I am young. If I can be the eleventh MP of the Somerland Parliament and the captain, it naturally means I have the

ability. If not, don’t blame me for becoming hostile and ruthless when I catch your people and turn them into an example that humiliates your family and sect. “If you have any opinions, you can mention them now. If not, today’s meeting will end here. Ask your people to gather here after three days. If you come early, you can contact Deputy Captain Julia and she will arrange everything for you.”

David then got up and left.

Julia stayed here and left her contact information behind for all the forces.

When the people present saw David leave, they felt that today’s David seemed very different from the David at the last grand event of the chosen ones. Despite David’s young age, the courage he showed today was huge. Several people at the scene were halfway to God Rank, and there was even a God Rank guardian, Augustus.

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