I’m A Quadrillionaire, Chapter 701

I’m A Quadrillionaire, Chapter 701

Soon, someone below spoke up.

“David, the strength we have now is acquired through hard work and many hardships since childhood, while those ordinary people had lived a life of luxury and never experienced any hardship since childhood. Can’t we enjoy a little bit of privilege? Who will work hard in the future? If no one is willing to endure hardship and work hard, what will Somerland use to fight foreign forces? What will it use for national defense? You also know that as the magnetic field becomes wider and stronger, many modern weapons won’t work anymore, and it’s up to us martial artists to protect Somerland.”

“Yes, as martial artists, we should have a certain advantage ordinary people do not enjoy. Everyone can’t be completely equal because it is us who will fight against foreign forces.”

One person took the lead to speak up and many people soon followed.

In the end, everyone was only after their own interest.

“First of all, I want to state that you are martial artists, and you already have an absolute advantage compared to ordinary people. I just said that you can’t stir up trouble for no reason, I didn’t say that you can’t fight back. If someone points a gun at your head, I won’t hold you accountable if you kill them, but if someone just scolds you and you fly into a rage and kill them, that’s definitely not acceptable. Moreover, I believe that ordinary people in the lower class will never take the initiative to provoke you.

“As for the privileges you want, of course, there will be some, but you need to wait until you defend Somerland against foreign enemies and create achievements for yourselves. When that happens, I will give you the privileges. If you do something for Somerland, I will never treat you badly.”

“I think David is right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a martial artist or an ordinary person, we’re all the same. There’s no one more superior or inferior. Everyone only has one life, and everyone has their family and friends. The King family supports this, and I’ll definitely supervise the children of the King family. If they break the rules, I will take care of them before Somerland does anything,” Augustus said. David looked at Augustus, his solemn face showing a smile for the first time. To be honest, David admired the style of the King family a lot. As the most powerful force among the hidden family and sects, not only did they step forward to help Somerland when it fell into dire straits to help it get through troubled times, they even came to this realization. They were amazing Augustus also showed a smile to David. Despite feeling that he was stronger than David, he did not dare to act recklessly.

David showed two very reputable identities today.

Now, Augustus felt that Mason was just playing dead to lure the enemies into his trap. If not, David would not come out to host this meeting for them and even ask to form a

discipline team. The best choice for him would be to find a place to hide. If Mason was truly dead, everyone knew that somerland would not be able to resist foreign forces. If David dared to stand here and take care of internal worries first, then there had to be a way to resist foreign aggression. The King family had approved Somerland’s approach, so what other opinions could the others have?

They were counting on the King family to lead them to resist together!

Now, even the few families and sects who just spoke were quiet. It could be regarded as them agreeing to David’s first point. David looked around and when he saw that no one was going to speak, he continued, “Since everyone agrees on the first point, then I will go on to the second point. “I believe everyone knows what happened at the grand event of the chosen ones in Somerland. The Dominic family and Star Alliance colluded with foreign forces in an attempt to split Somerland.

It is a sin that deserves death. Those two malignant tumors have not been cleared yet as of today. “And I believe there are many more forces like them. They might not be very powerful and they will likely choose very remote locations to resurface so that they can first control a small territory and then slowly expand. “These people will not abide by the Somerland rules. We need to set up an discipline team now to clean up these malignant tumors and garbage, as well as deal with other illegal incidences.”

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