his lost lycan Luna, Chapter 175 (Book 2) Chapter 50

his lost lycan Luna, Chapter 175 (Book 2) Chapter 50

Trigger warning!! Read at your own risk!! Azalea gets injured!!
“Liam!” I hissed, rushing to Peter. Sweat glistened on his forehead and his hands clenched into fists on the steps.
“Did you remove the scents from the King and Queen’s room?” Liam asks, and I gape at him.
“Liam! He is a child! Drop your command!” | snarled at him as Peter gripped my arm, looking at me pleadingly with tears in his eyes. “Kyson!”I call through the link before Liam’s voice pulls me back when he addresses me.
“My Queen, every day he cleans the same stairs. Why would Clarice send him to do the same ones every day?” Liam says before his eyes move to Peter again.

“No. No. I didn’t.” Peter gasps.
“Didn’t what? Why were you up here yesterday?” Liam asks, motioning for me to come to him, but Peter clutched me tightly. “Don’t let him hurt me,I did nothing,” Peter begged while clutching my dress and arm, like I was his lifeline.
“What’s going on?” Kyson asks through the link, sounding frantic.
“I.. I don’t know Liam is accusing Peter,”
“Peter, accusing him of what?” but Liam’s booming voice makes me jump before I could answer. Trey growls at him behind me.
“Answer me!” Liam commands, taking another step down. Liam’ s eyes go to Peter’s hands clutching onto me.
“Liam, calm down; he is just a boy,” Trey says…
“And the boy will answer,” Liam growls back.

“To bring lunch up and help Clarice with what you asked of her. I didn’t touch the clothes or anything in the room. Clarice wouldn’ t let me. She made me stand at the door while she passed me baskets,” Peter blurts out under the command unable to fight his aura any longer.
“Why the same stairs?”
“Clarice said to clean ones where she could see me,” Peter blurts.
“Clarice said to clean them?” Liam asks.
“Well, not specifically these stairs. Just where she could see me if she left the kitchen. These are the closest steps,”
“So, why did you choose these steps?” Liam asks, stepping down another step toward him.
“Liam! enough!” I tell him.

“No. I was just thinking. And out of everyone that has been
questioned, Peter never has been,” Liam says, his eyes darting
to Peter holding me again, and then to the tool bucket on the step in front of him. The closer he got, the stronger the scent of liquor I could smell emanating off Liam. He was drunk.
“He is a boy!” I tell him, outraged that he would take his drunk ramblings out on Peter. Peter looked petrified and his hands shook as he clutched me, tears trekking down his face.

“I was a boy once too, My Queen. And I had already killed someone long before I was his age,” Liam says, his steps calculating as he took them one at a time. I glanced down at Peter, who growled when I heard the mind link open up. And Trey’s voice flitted through it.
“My King, was Peter ever questioned?” Trey asks, and I tried to focus on my surroundings as Liam stalked down the steps toward Peter, and the savage gleam in his eyes frightened me when Peter whimpered.

Prying Peter’s fingers off my dress, I stand and take a step up. I go halfway up the steps, blocking Liam from him.
“Ah no. Why? Has something happened? And Azalea answer me, I am on my way,” Kyson growls and Liam reaches for me, to jerk me to his side when I felt a sharp pain in my side that stole the air from my lungs, before I heard Trey’s ear-piercing scream behind me. And it was like time slowed right down. I saw Liam’s hands reach for me, and his eyes widened but I staggered back, my hand going to my side when I felt the pain twist through my abdomen, my eyes going to my side to find a dagger in my flank and Peter’s hand holding the hilt, my hands soaked in my blood.

gasp, choking on my breath that I couldn’t seem to catch, when a snarl tore out from behind me. “That’s for my mum!” Peter says, when I am slammed against the bannister. I tried to grip it to stay upright, but the entire thing gave way as my weight touched it. My scream stolen on the heart stopping realization that I was falling. My stomach plummets somewhere deep within me. I felt the blood drain from my face, turning me cold at the sensation. Just as Liam nearly impales himself trying to catch me, and Trey tackles Peter, who just stared vacantly at me as I grasped for something to hold and only grasping air.

My body hit with a loud thud. Pain enveloped me, and I felt my head hit the stairs on the ground floor stairwell. The wooden railing crashed down on top of me, and I couldn’t move. I just stared at the ceiling and the floor above, where Trey had knocked out Peter.
Liam jumped off the second floor after me, his feet hitting the ground only seconds later. But it was too late. I felt the warmness of my blood trickling down my neck, my head pounding and my back throbbed. The coppery taste of blood filled my mouth, and I tried to breathe around it, but only choked. It was like when you knock your foot when it has pins and needles, that strange sensation, yet it was my entire body that felt like that. My eyes felt like they were pulsating in my head to a rhythmic beat in my skull.

My vision also throbbing and so were my surroundings. Liam, ! could see, was putting pressure on my side, and I could fuzzily
see his lips moving fast as he screamed. Or I think he screamed, because I heard no sound leave him. No sound other than my heart beating in my skull.

I was fading, my vision becoming tunneled and I couldn’t move, yet the oddest sensation warmed between my legs, like I wet myself. I had no idea why I felt that above all the pain. But for some reason; it was all I could focus on. Like that was the most important sensation above all the pain. My mind transfixed on the warmth leaving me when everything went black.

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