his lost lycan Luna, Chapter 174 (Book 2) Chapter 49

his lost lycan Luna, Chapter 174 (Book 2) Chapter 49

Azalea POV

I woke up, and it was already the middle of the day. Light breaking through the open drapes and lighting up the back of my eyelids made me open them and squint around the room, peering at the windows; the sun looked pretty high in the sky and a cold draft caressed over me, making me shiver. The heavy drapes shifting with the breeze.

Linhaled deeply; the scent was wrong and I couldn’t pick out why I felt that way until I realized Kyson was no longer in the room and it was missing his intoxicating scent. My den was quiet, and the scents blown away with the breeze. It unnerved me and made me restless. Chucking the blanket back, I forced myself out of bed and I rushed toward the window, slamming it shut with a growl.
Why would he open it? I snarled, catching my reflection in the glass. My hair was a mess, and I was naked, yet I could still smell Kyson’s faint scent on my skin, but my nest smelled nothing like him, just me. My skin itched, and I missed my mate already; with a sigh, I stared past my reflection before jumping back when I spotted the grassy patch on the hill.

The kids were all playing and rolling down the hill, racing each other to the bottom. I chuckle when I see Abbie and Clarice watching over them. Abbie was sitting at the top with Tyson in her lap and Clarice was playing with the kids and rolling down
the hill with him. Laughter rang out loudly outside. They all seemed so happy and I wanted to join them while they have fun.
Turning around, I moved to the closet and grabbed a dress from off the hanger. It was a loose fitting long sleeve dress and I tug it on after finding some under-garments. I was just pulling the dress over my head as the mind link opened up, and Kyson’s voice flitted through my head.

“You’re awake, I will come back up,” Kyson tells me.
“No, you don’t have to. I am going to play with the kids outside. What are you doing?” I asked him while tugging the dress down over my little bump. I caress it with my hand. My skin was feeling harder as the life within me grew each day.
“Going over the files with Gannon. Are you sure I will come back to be with you, if you like?” Kyson says.
“No, unless I should I come help?” I asked him. I suppose | should; the children could wait and Clarice and Abbie had everything under control by the look of it.

“No, just take Trey with you. And you have an ultrasound
appointment this afternoon. I will come grab you just beforehand.”
“Are you sure?” I asked, slipping some sandals on my feet.
“Positive. Have fun. I love you,”
“Love you too,” I tell him, cutting the mind link. I pull my hair into
a messy bun on my head before walking out and finding Trey and Liam by my door.
“Afternoon, Azalea,” Trey says from where he stood.

“My Queen,” Liam says with a slight bow.
“Hey Liam, Trey. I am going to see Abbie and the kids and Kyson wants you to come with me,” I tell Trey, and he nodded, offering me his arm. I loop my arm through his and we headed for the stairs leading to the ground floor. Halfway down, I spot Peter kneeling on the steps and scrubbing the wooden beams of the guardrail with a toothbrush.

“What did you do now, Peter?” I asked. The boy seemed to be getting into an awful lot of trouble lately. Peter looks up at me and grins, showing his pearly white teeth.
“I was mucking around with the gardener, and I threw a mud pie at him, but missed and hit Clarice, and her white sheets,” Peter laughs.
“And why were you throwing mud pies?” | asked, trying not to laugh.
“He threw one first! So he should be helping me clean the d**n stairs! I swear, she just punishes me so she doesn’t have to do it.” Peter pouts.

| shake my head and continue down the steps when Liam comes up behind us.
“My Queen?” he calls from the top. I stop on the middle landing, looking back up the steps toward him.
“I want to go shower and eat. I have been on duty since last night. I have called Dustin to take over for an hour. Is that alright?” Liam asks
“Just go. He won’t be long any way. Besides, Peter will tell him if anyone comes up here,” I said looking at Peter, who nods his head.
“You’re fine. I will keep watch,” Peter says, and Liam’s eyes narrow at him on the stairs.

“It’s fine. I will wait for Dustin. I was just letting you know, My Queen,” he says.
“Seriously. Liam. Just go. Dustin will be here soon. What could happen?” Liam for some reason, looked very indecisive and was staring at Peter weirdly like it was the first time he was truly seeing him.
“Why does Clarice send you to clean these stairs?” Liam asks.
“Huh?” Peter said, looking up from his scrubbing.
“Why were you up here yesterday?” Liam asks him while tilting his head to the side. I have no idea what he was talking about, but Peter’s brows furrowed in confusion as he peered back at Liam.

“Pardon? I don’t understand? Clarice sent me to clean the
stairs,” Peter says to him before glancing at me. He tosses his toothbrush into his tool bucket and his can of polish and rag while staring at Liam with fearful eyes. I walk back up the steps, wondering what got into Liam because I didn’t like the way he was watching Peter.
“Yes. But why these stairs?” Liam growls, pointing at them. “There are plenty of stairs in the castle,” Liam says to him while stepping down a step and I look at Trey, who seemed just as perplexed at Liam’s strange behavior, making me wonder if Liam was drunk.
“I dirtied Clarice’s sheets,” Peter stutters.

“That wasn’t the question I asked,” Liam says; his ice-cold tone of voice sent a chill up my spine when I feel his aura slip out. It wasn’t like Kyson’s, weaker but as one of his Gammas, it was a lot stronger than a normal Lycans, and Peter whimpers under the pressure of it.

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