Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 692

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 692

Chapter 692 It Must Be Settled

In the evening, Elliot was waiting at the entrance of a high-end restaurant in the city.

Soon, a taxi slowly stopped in front of him. Finally, the door opened, and Stephanie got out of the car.

“Miss Stephanie, you’re here.” In an instant, Elliot turned into a fool and greeted her.

Stephanie frowned in confusion when she saw him. “You’re… Elliot. Elliot Howard?”

“Yes, that’s me.” Elliot scratched the back of his head embarrassedly.

“Your look today is rather unique.” Stephanie smiled awkwardly.

Elliot was younger than Stephanie. The last time they met, he was dressed in trendy outfits. His youthful look made him recognizable. However, he styled his hair meticulously and wore a formal outfit today. Thus, Stephanie did not recognize him immediately.

Elliot smiled shyly because he thought the other party was really astonished by him.

“Where’s Elise?” Stephanie changed the subject.

“Oh, she’s on her way. She should be here soon, so let’s go in first.” Elliot led Stephanie inside in a gentleman-like manner.

It was the first time that he was alone with the girl he fancied. Therefore, it was only natural for Elliot to be excited yet reserved.

Actually, he had asked Stephanie out many times in private. However, she always had reasons to reject him. Therefore, he thought of a way. He invited Stephanie in the name of Elise, and as expected, she was willing to come.

Elise simply acted as a wingman, so it did not matter much if she came a bit later.

Elliot was thoughtful and considerate to Stephanie in the private room; he was also attentive to her needs.

On the contrary, Stephanie kept maintaining the smile that made her look polite enough. But unfortunately, she also constantly said thank you and looked absent-minded.

Elliot found a few topics to discuss, but her attitude was very perfunctory.

Inevitably, even someone as optimistic as him would feel a little discouraged.

“Could it be that you don’t want to have this meal with me at all if Boss doesn’t come?” Elliot lowered his head solemnly.

Stephanie quickly apologized to him when she heard that, saying, “I’m sorry. I’m just slow in opening up to others. I’ll talk less if I stay around people I don’t know well. I don’t mean to target anyone.”

“I see.” Elliot naively believed her, and the good-natured smile reappeared on his face.

After that, he snapped his fingers and shouted at the door, “Come in.”

When his voice fell, the private room door was pushed open from the outside. The server entered with a bouquet of flowers and a luxury bag packaging.

Then, Elliot stepped forward and took the items from the server. Then, he turned around, handed the flower to Stephanie, and smiled shyly. “For you, Miss Stephanie.”

Stephanie took the flowers and pretended to be surprised. Then, she said flatly, “WOW, it’s beautiful. Thank you.”

“And this.” Elliot also handed over the carefully selected limited edition bag.

“This is too valuable. I can’t accept this.” Since Stephanie did not lack such items, she acted very rationally.

“Just accept it.” Elliot insisted and continued. “There are no girls in my house. So it’ll be a waste if I bring them back, right?”

Since Elliot had said so, Stephanie could only reluctantly accept.

As she looked at the delicate roses and the expensive designer bag in her arms, she teased helplessly, “Mr. Elliot, are you always this generous to each and every new friend of yours?”

“I’m only this generous with you!” he blurted out, only to realize that he spoke from his heart. At once, his face blushed in embarrassment.

It was natural for youngsters to begin to think of love, and Stephanie undoubtedly saw through Elliot’s thoughts. Hence, she deliberately made fun of him. “Why did you think of giving me these?”

“My Dad said that girls like flowers and bags,” Elliot answered her truthfully.

Stephanie felt highly amused when she heard his answer. So there are still boys who will ask their parents’ opinion on how to court girls these days? “You’re so cute.”

When Elliot heard her compliment, he smiled contentedly and parted his lips. Then, just as he was about to confess, the sound of footsteps came from behind him. It was Elise who had arrived.

“Sorry, I’m late. There was a slight traffic jam on the road,” Elise said as she walked.

And thus, Elliot could only bite back the words that he was about to say, and his entire aura turned gloomy.

When Stephanie saw Elise, she immediately smiled joyfully. “No, you’re not too late. We had just arrived too.”

As she spoke, she put the flowers and the bag in the place where Elliot sat a while ago. Then, she pulled out the chair on the other side. “Elise, sit here.”

When Elise saw this, she pursed her lips and smiled. Then, she moved her feet as she walked over and sat beside Stephanie.

After that, Stephanie’s attention never left her.

All of a sudden, Elliot turned into an invisible person. So, he silently removed the flowers and bag from the seat and sat back on his own.

In the meantime, Elise was constantly absent-minded as she thought about affairs regarding Kenneth.

Stephanie suddenly sighed halfway through the meal, “For some reason, Elise always gives an amiable vibe, and it reminds me of some unforgettable things. Do you guys have anything that you can’t let go of?”

At that moment, Elise was wholly immersed in her thoughts and did not answer her. As a result, the scene was a bit awkward.

Elliot was afraid that Stephanie would feel awkward, so he hurriedly answered, “I do.”

Immediately after, he felt down and began talking, “I miss my Mom. I miss her every day. I wish her to be alive, but I have to act carefree. Because only in this way will my Dad not be sad. He and I, we’re the same. We never forgot about her. But we know she’ll only rest in peace if we have a good time together.”

When Elise heard this, she came back to her senses. However, there was a trace of distress in her gaze when she looked at Elliot.

Also, it was rare for Stephanie to finally set her gaze on him for a few more seconds.

After a long while, Stephanie took a deep breath. Then, she took the opportunity of the melancholic atmosphere and told her story.

“I share similarity with Elliot, yet it’s quite different. Both my parents were gone. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? I also hope that it’s not true. But it did happen to me. Because of someone’s stubbornness, they destroyed my family. Therefore, since I was a child, I vow to make that person pay the price and let her be punished!”

“Some things must be settled. Elise, am I right?”

There were tears in Stephanie’s eyes, and she looked at Elise when she asked her last question.

Her gaze was complicated. It seemed like she needed people’s approval and empathy, yet there was deep hatred surging under the weak appearance.

Elise noticed that the gaze Stephanie shot at her was rather strange. However, most of her attention was still attracted by her last question.

We must put an end to anything. Only then can I consider it settled. I really should give Kenneth and myself the last chance to meet.

As she thought of this, Elise immediately rose to her feet. She packed her things and said, “I suddenly remembered that I have something to deal with. You guys enjoy your meal, and I shall take my leave first.”

“Where are you going, Boss? I’ll send you.” Elliot was indeed a loyal friend.

“It’s fine. I’m going to the Sierra Hotel, which is a little far away from here.” Elise wanted to leave some time for the two of them alone.

“It’s hard to call for a taxi at this hour.” Elliot threw his car keys to her. “Here, drive my car.”

Elise accepted his proposal when she thought about the road conditions when she came earlier. “Thanks!”

After that, she nodded and greeted Stephanie before walking out again.

As Stephanie watched her figure disappear by the door, she fell into deep thoughts.

We had arranged to meet and have this meal yesterday. What is it that makes Elise so anxious? Stephanie thought for a moment and also set off to leave.

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