Author: Novelsyou
Romance novel
Number of chapters: (Ongoing)

Amelia, I’m back.
Oscar’s mine now. As long as you leave him, I’ll pay you twenty million in compensation.
Amelia smirked upon reading the message on her phone.
Apparently, the message was sent by the woman Oscar loved the most.
And she who had left four years ago had given Amelia the “honor” of becoming her substitute.
Amelia walked into the bedroom with the phone and gazed at the tall man standing in front of the window longingly.
Standing fixedly for a while, she then strode over briskly and the pining look in her eyes faded.
Wrapping her arms around his waist, she whispered, “Mr. Clinton, Ms.
Yard has sent me another message.
Should I call her and explain our relationship?”

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