–Author: Novelsyou
–Adventure & Action  novel
–Number of chapters: (Ongoing)
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The Legendary Man Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Double Victory “Yes!” As per the order, one of the guards immediately stepped forward and made the announcement. Dragon Scale Guards, who were already halfway across the room, instantly halted in their steps. Bewilderment filled their faces. The award ceremony was temporarily canceled? Just as they tried to process the information, another announcement …

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The Legendary Man Chapter 340

Chapter 340 The Championship “Did you guys hear your chief instructor’s request?” On the battlefield, the expression of the soldiers of Divine Dragon Guards was cold. Even during Dragon Scale Guards’ heyday, their best results remain in the bottom three. Who gave them the courage to challenge us right after ending such a fierce battle? …

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The Legendary Man Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Declaration Of War The battlefield was filled with gunpowder and flames. Although they weren’t using live ammunition – other than causing casualties – the damage caused by the live-fire drill wasn’t any better than the real battlefield. “Fang Dragon Guards’ performance this year has improved a lot compared to last year!” Patrick said, …

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