Author: NovelsYou
Romance novel
Number of chapters: (Ongoing)

If anyone understood best the phrase ‘Anything what can go wrong will go wrong’, Courtney Hunter would be it! After all, she was framed by her half-sister, spent the night with a stranger, and even ended up pregnant! She later went to the hospital to get an abortion but was threatened into keeping the child in exchange for her family’s business to be saved. 9 months later, a child was born but before it could let out its first cry, he was forcefully taken away from her. Such was a mother’s despair, but wait, she didn’t exactly have time to cry about it, for another baby’s cry was heard moments after! Many years later, she would return to the country with an adorable child in hand, only to encounter an exact copy of her child. However, this child belonged to the aloof Alexander Duncan, who would become increasingly suspicious at how this woman had shown up out of nowhere with a child bearing his features. Will he put two and two together and re-enter Courtney’s life?

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