–Author: Anonymous
–Billionaire novel
–Number of chapters: (Ongoing)

Eliza’s life was destroyed by them: her boyfriend and her best friend.
Five years ago, her boyfriend’s career was at its lowest point and Eliza sacrificed everything to support him. However, her best friend fooled Eliza to be a surrogate mother. When her boyfriend led a successful career, he dumped Eliza because she had lost her virginity and had babies. It was just an excuse for the affair between the shameless couple.
Losing all interest in life, she agreed to marry Mr. Valentine, a disfigured billionaire who likes to torture women in bed. It was said that his two exes died horribly in bed.
Eliza didn’t know that Mr. Valentine was the man she used to carry babies for. In this way, she got a handsome husband and a pair of adorable twins…

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My Three Darlings by Anonymous Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Sawyer looked up in shock. “You remember everything?” Something was not right… If Eliza really remembered everything, she shouldn’t treat Beau like this! He frowned and looked at Eliza in shock. “Are you sure… you remember everything?” According to Sawyer, Lyric, and Hamza’s guess, when Eliza found out that everything was planned by …

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