Author: Jessica Hall
Romance novel
Number of chapters: (Ongoing)

Ivy was a Rogue, her parents were killed by her Alpha, but by a law set to protect Rogue children, she was left alive until she turned 18, and the Alpha would decide her fate. Not that any fate could be much worse than how she was already living. Her parents slaughtered in front of her; she knew nothing but pain, and her best friend Abbie expected the worst when the Alpha Declared they would both be killed.

Little did she know fate decided to intervene when the day her future was decided was the same day the Lycan king decided to visit. She finds herself spared by the Lycan King, who orders the Alpha to hand her over, desperate she begs for her friend and Abbie to is granted leniency, yet she isn’t free yet.

King Kyson was the last remaining Royal, and he has taken a fancy to her and decided to take her as his personal slave. Unable to explain his strange obsession for the girl, King Kyson comes to one conclusion, Ivy is his mate. However, what happens when he finds out the secrets of her family’s past, why they were rogues, to begin with.

Is the damage already done? Can he forgive her for what her parents did?

Yet darkness is coming for both of them; the lies and secrets of the past start unraveling when rogue children start disappearing and the rebellion returns. He has no choice but to save her or die himself when the bonds sever.

Love or vengeance sometimes the lines that are drawn become a little blurred, and temptation is too much. But will the King forget the pain of his past, and can Ivy forgive the pain he caused her?

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