Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 516 Make A Choice (Part One)

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 516 Make A Choice (Part One)

Wallace put the iPad away, put on a straight face and said, “I understand, Mr. Scott. Worry not. I’ll keep an eye on it. If anything unusual happens, I’ll report it immediately.”

Carson patted him on the shoulder and replied, “Thank you.”

A worried look washed over Wallace’s face. “It’s my job, isn’t it? Anyway, did the investigation team say anything? And what about Mr. Sullivan?” Realizing that he had asked too many questions, he shook his head. “It’s fine if you can’t talk about it right now. I’m just worried.”

Carson removed his hand from Wallace’s shoulder.

“It’s fine, Wallace. Even if we don’t tell you, you’ll find out sooner or later.”

Having heard that, Wallace realized that they were in big trouble. He glanced at Ivan, and then he darted his eyes back to Carson. After a moment of silence, Ivan broke his silence.

“The investigation team has found that there’s something amiss about the purchasing contract of the Baltimore project. It was a dual contract, and there was a great deal of difference between the prices of the two contracts. The purchasing director was the one in charge of almost every step of the purchasing process. If he were able to explain it clearly, perhaps it wouldn’t be so troublesome.”

Now Wallace finally understood the situation.

“But the person in charge is dead.” Carson nodded.

“There aren’t any witnesses or testimonies. Even though we didn’t know about the dual contract, we signed it, which means we’re responsible for this whole farce. There are other projects that have similar problems, and they’re still under further investigation. If the investigation team discovers something wrong, they’ll probe even further. They’re currently keeping a close eye on Victor at the hospital, making sure that he won’t run away.”

“What if they find nothing wrong?” Wallace frowned.

“All of this happened because of the people below us. Mr. Sullivan is dealing with lots of contracts every single day, and maybe he didn’t notice the problems. The investigation team won’t convict him for that, right?”

“If they find nothing wrong, Victor will be fine,” Carson said.

“But even so, do you think it will help the Sullivan Group?”

Currently, the investigation team had only gotten findings on the Baltimore project and several others. The Sullivan Group had hundreds of projects in its jurisdiction. Logically speaking, several projects wouldn’t even be worth mentioning. However, just because of these particular projects, the Sullivan Group’s stock price was plummeting.

If the investigation team were to find anomalies in other projects, it would be a huge blow to the Sullivan Group even if Victor was not to blame.

“Mr. Scott, have you seen Mr. Sullivan? Have you thought of how you’re going to deal with it?” Wallace heaved a sigh.

“Everyone in the company is on edge. When I was in the pantry, I heard two people whispering that they had no idea what to do.”

Carson didn’t answer. Ivan glanced at him and answered on his behalf, “No. Since this morning, we’ve been calling Mr. Sullivan, but nobody has picked up the phone.”

“What? Can’t we go and meet Mr. Sullivan? The investigation team is merely conducting investigations. They have no right to strip anyone of their freedom!”

“We’ve tried, but we failed.” Ivan shook his head.

“Whatever happens now, Mr. Scott will deal with it.”

Wallace looked down, pursed his lips, and fell silent.

After a while, he looked at Carson and said, “Mr. Scott, I’ll accomplish the task you assigned to me! If there’s anything else that I can help with, just let me know. I believe that this situation will soon end.”

Having said that, Wallace left the office. Thereafter, the door of the office was closed. Carson and Ivan stared at the door for a moment. Three minutes of silence later, they were certain that Wallace was indeed gone, so they shifted their attention to each other.

“Mr. Scott, do you think it’s wise to let Wallace know about the Sullivan Group’s current situation? If he plans to leak this information to another company, it’s entirely plausible that our enemies may band together to attack the Sullivan Group.”

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