Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 416 : In Her Room

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 416 : In Her Room

Rachel didn’t notice that she fell asleep as she leaned against the headboard.

Her hand was placed on Joey’s back, rubbing it gently even if she was asleep. The dim light fell on her face.

Standing at the door, Victor watched the serene moment in a daze.

After a while, he entered the room and walked to the bed. Rachel hadn’t changed her clothes yet since she didn’t expect to fall asleep with Joey.

The cold wind blew in through the slightly opened door of the balcony. Rachel’s hair swayed a little, and some strands fell on her face.

Victor went to the other side of the bed and carefully picked up Joey. If he wouldn’t shift their position, Rachel would fall off the bed sooner or later.

While asleep, Joey felt a pair of hands touch him.

Frowning, he pushed Victor away. The latter didn’t move until Joey was comfortably sleeping again. Then he gently moved him to the other side of the bed.

Seeing Joey hug the quilt as he slept soundly, Victor sighed in relief. Then, he went back to Rachel.

Perhaps because of exhaustion, Rachel fell into a deep slumber.

Looking at her sleeping face, the word “depression” suddenly appeared in Victor’s mind again and he felt heartbroken.

He had a lot of things to ask Rachel, but looking at her angelic face while she slept, he was lost for words.

Even when Victor carried her in his arms and took her to the other room, she didn’t wake up.

At this moment, the curled up Katie woke up. She rubbed her eyes with her paws and watched them leave the room. “Meow!”

The soft noise made Joey turn over. He held the quilt tightly thinking it was his mother. “Mommy…’

Luckily, he didn’t notice that Rachel was not there


In Rachel’s room, Victor gently put her down on the bed and tucked her in. Still, Rachel didn’t wake up. She had always been on high alert, but she was unaware of what was going on this time. Perhaps she was really tired. Or she subconsciously recognized Victor’s scent, so she was at ease. For a few minutes, Victor stood there, watching Rachel sleep before he decided to go back to his own room. In silence, he walked out and closed the door gently.

The next day, Rachel felt refreshed because she slept well. At first, she was confused.

But soon she realized where she was. Her brow furrowed as she looked around. Why was she in her own room?

Rachel thought about what happened last night but all she remembered was humming a lullaby to Joey in his room. She couldn’t remember how and when she went back to her own room. Looking down at her body, Rachel realized that she hadn’t changed her clothes last night. Was she so tired yesterday? She couldn’t even remember how she went back to her room. As Rachel was lost in thought, she heard a knock on the door. “Miss Bennet, are you awake?” It was Lukas. “Breakfast is ready. You can go downstairs for breakfast now.” “I’m already awake,” Rachel replied as she got out of the bed. “I’ll go downstairs after washing up.”. “Okay.”

Half an hour later, Rachel was done taking a shower and changing her clothes.

Today, she was going to the Bennet Group to get a document and meet someone.


While she had nothing to do, Rachel wanted to go through all the projects that the Bennet Group had. She wanted to know when and how they started to lose money and which project caused it, so she could address the issue from its


Unexpectedly, when Rachel was going through the projects, she found one that had been halted for some reason. It was a public service project of a welfare house.

The reason why the project was halted was not a secret to Rachel.

It was because they didn’t have enough money.

The Bennet Group couldn’t support it. It would take a lot of money and connections to build a welfare house. If the Bennet Group failed to build and operate it, it would be the end of the whole company. However, the Bennet Group had no choice now. All the projects had been halted and there was no profit at all.

What Rachel was worried about was the fact that thousands of employees would be affected if they couldn’t find a

way to solve this matter and let the public see their value again.

Right now, their best option was to carry out this charity project to attract the public’s attention. But this project wouldn’t be possible without help from other companies. So Rachel had to find a partner who was interested in this project as well. The person she was going to meet was the potential partner who was interested in this project. This person was introduced to her by the Public Service Association. Taking a deep breath, Rachel entered the dining room. There she found Joey sitting on a chair, swinging his legs. The little boy immediately smiled when he saw her. “Mommy!” Subconsciously, Rachel glanced around the dining room. There was no one else in the room except for Joey and the


“Mommy, don’t worry. Dad went out early today,” Joey seemed to have read Rachel’s mind. “I… Okay.” That was all Rachel could say.

“I don’t think he slept well last night. I heard from Mr. Smith that he had dark bags under his eyes this morning when he went out for work.” As he spoke, Joey secretly observed his mother’s reaction. Hearing this, Rachel paused. A sudden memory flashed through her mind. It was Victor who took her back to her room. He carried her in his arms and gently put her on the bed. However, before she could think further, it disappeared. “Eat your porridge, or it will be cold.” Rachel narrowed her eyes and changed the topic. She didn’t want to talk about Victor.

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