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Chapter 51

B****y hell. Shawn thought his heart skipped a few beats and his jaw would have dropped if it were not for the sweet scent still in his nose. This could not be her. Catherine was never this aggressive; he couldn’t believe what he was hearing as his lips moved slowly.

“There you are…” Catherine jumped to her feet as Dave’s voice grumbled behind them. Come on in, Cath, brunch is ready. Come on in, brunch is ready. Come on in, Cath, I’m famished. You can join us too, Shawn.”

The two raised their brows and smiled at each other, knowing full well they were about to have s*x right there and then.

Ten minutes later, Catherine stepped out of her room with a new outfit, freshly out of the shower,

short hair still wet as she went straight to the kitchen table while Shawn was busy with a phone call and Dave was busy preparing their brunch as the latter searched for a fork and spoon in the cabinet

“Are you sure you’ve dressed appropriately for brunch, Catherine?”Shawn asked as she looked at her up and down. Her short shorts nearly covered nothing of her long beautiful legs, and her thin sleeveless top shapely covered her well-defined muscles.

“What? Don’t you like my top? It’s pretty comfy for moving things, you know.”

“I…I know… but your top is, ah, almost see-through?”

“So?” Catherine smirked.

“Well…” Shawn murmured as he adjusted himself. Knowing full well, he was hard as a rock down there. F**k, he thought it had been a long time since someone had affected him so much, much like what his wife is doing now.

“Do you not like this? It’s my college top… Thank God it fits me now.” Catherine grumbled under her breath as she kept herself from smiling, but was thankful for all the hard-earned training she had had with Javier. She felt confident again, much like how she used to feel back in her school days, but she knew very well, Shawn was uneasy as she noticed him gasping. She leaned in further, causing her b*****s to bounce back.

“Um-I like it… actually, I was thinking you may be cold.”

“There is a small fireplace to warm this place, and I am confident you can keep me warm through the night too.” She whispered, then gave him a seductive look when she declared those unexpected phrases that made Shawn cough.

What are you playing now, Catherine? Shawn thought to himself. Something was amiss, but looking at her sweet plump lips, he was at a loss, lost to her beauty.

“Mr. Richmond, are you all right? Stop coughing or the COVID authorities will be knocking on our door.” Dave grumbled, smiled, and winked at Catherine. He understood exactly what his sister was trying to do

“I’m fine. Just a little ah-well itch.” Shawn replied, clearing his throat. He was close to having her feel the excitement, but he had to control himself. If he was not certain what she wanted from him earlier, he was sure as hell about it now. Shawn’s eyes were hypnotized by her almost naked body. It felt as if his face had turned red and his whole body had heated up.

If this was a dream, he did not want to wake up. How he longed to see more of Catherine intimately since forever. He longed for the incident to be just a nightmare, but he was grateful to have her back. For now, his many questions could wait. Watching her smile now made him warm enough inside. He knew only Catherine could make him feel this giddy and at a loss for words. He did not want her to think that he was only after her body. It was not easy to hold back the urges earlier in her room, and he felt that his self-control was being tested almost to the extreme as he felt his heartbeat racing. There was not a word that could do justice to how he was feeling right


She licked the crumbs off of her rosy lips and made a sound that drove him wild.

“Mmmm… Mmm… Dave, where did you buy this bread? This is f*****g delicious,” she muttered as she reached into the breadbasket while she put Shawn’s hand on top of her soft, warm, and smooth hand. He brought it to his lips and kissed the back of her hand, wrist, and the lower half of her arm.

Dave answered, “I know you’ll like it; I bought it from the neighborhood, just three blocks away.” Dave shook his head watching the two lovebirds, then he turned around as he gave them their spoon and fork, “There… sorry about the mess. Everything is out of place for now, but we will be good soon.”

Shawn just nodded as Catherine whispered, “Shawn, you are not interested in having more bread?” She knitted her brow in silent taunt as she caressed his legs.

“I will if I can eat it off of your hand. How about I feed you instead?” Shawn then reached over for some bread to let her take a bite. But she slowly licked her fingers before taking a bite.

“D**n it, Catherine! You should not have done that.” He whispered at her ears and bit it a little, which elicited a sweet moan from Catherine, making him want to take her to her room and be done with the ache between his legs.

“Why not?” She gave him a seductive smile and brought his hand towards her mouth to lick his fingers again as if to dare him to do something about the matter. Shawn was ready to have his hands on her face and kiss her, but he did not. He sat there thinking if he should clear the table and feast on her instead as Dave cleared his throat, which made Catherine giggle.

It did not take long for her to try another move on Shawn. She then used her cunning hands to tease his inner thighs. If she went where he thought she would go, then he would have to kiss her after that, not caring if Dave was watching, but sensing that they needed space and what was about to happen, Dave stood and went to the door. “Cath, I forgot to talk to the landlord. I’ll be back later in the afternoon, so enjoy the brunch.” Dave exclaimed from the door as he shook his head.

The two just chuckled. “Bye, Dave!”

Catherine smiled and whispered.

“Oh my…my hand feels a lot of excitement from a certain spot.”

She was asking for it. He had to get up from his chair and reach over to kiss her passionately.


He then reached for the wine and spilled some of it on her chest. Catherine was a little shocked but then held his head to clean the mess with his tongue.

“Oh, Shawn.” She kept one hand on his head and the other one went further down to feel his excitement. This was a cue for him to kiss the pair of fruits staring at her. They look like puppies with sad eyes, waiting to be loved and held. He ran his hands up and down her back and side before massaging those back cheeks as he scooped her up and they went to the bedroom. He was walking. a little slower as she buried her face in his strong, sculpted chest. Catherine breathed in his scent. She missed him terribly, and maybe she doesn’t care anymore if he loves her or not. What matters now is that they both need each other now.

Looking up through Catherine’s window in the early afternoon, beams of light coming from the dark-covered curtain were beginning to shine down through it. The cool rain has slowed to a very light sprinkle with a very faint pitter-patter falling across her window now. The park noise seemed louder, but it was a welcome sound to Shawn’s ears after the thunderous roar of the downpour earlier. “I miss you so much…” he whispered to her ears as he carried her to the bed. He had never been thankful, but he might get to wake up to the sun shining across his face tomorrow morning and feel the warmth on his skin again. The only warmth he feels right now comes from Catherine’s arms, wrapped around him. Bringing him deeper into his most intimate and relaxing place-…her bed, her beside him… He often dreams of this, and he does know of one way to keep them warm without fail-being wrapped up next to her, holding her body tight against his skin. The sensation of her silky smooth skin against his was both exciting and reassuring. The way her legs felt pushed against him and her feet pressed into him. They’ll keep him warm for sure. The cozy embrace they share will chase away the terrible cold, filling the air with warmth and inner tranquility. He would never feel her warmth again, and yet here he was. He was enjoying the moment of her in his arms.

He settled her down in the bed. He brought his face closer towards Catherine’s neck as she moaned, and he soaked in her intoxicating smell. A combination of that new body wash she tried

along with a faint hint of something more-a smell that has always told Shawn she was feeling aroused. It was almost like a primal desire when he could pick up that faint smell coming from deep within her. Shawn yeared for it, craved it, and needed it as badly as he needed her here next to him.

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