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Chapter 49

“C-Catherine! You are alive!” Shawn stood at the door, shocked and just staring at her in utter disbelief. Shawn knew he was gaping at her. He had received information from one of his men that he had seen someone like Catherine at Dave’s apartment. He even sent a picture. Yes, the picture was not as clear as it should be because it was taken far away, but it definitely looked like his wife, so he arranged a quick flight to his private jet immediately. And no, he wasn’t disappointed. There, she was standing at the kitchen door, his wife, Catherine, with very short hair, well-defined feminine muscles that weren’t there before, her tummy flat, her eyes cold, raw, and lifeless.

“Catherine?” He whispered under his breath. The only word he could muster. He was at a loss for words because he was not sure how a soul as pure as hers had survived this long in this world with so many of his enemies. Looking at her made his heartbeat so fast that it echoed through his ears, deafening him. She was not only soft-hearted, but she was also tough enough to stay alive, hidden away from That takes a kind of bravery that she was still processing, hence the silence.

“Oh…” was all Catherine could muster up as she covered her mouth in disbelief. He was here? Why? How?

Dave still did not move or speak and just went back to his phone. Gestures for Shawn to come inside.

The silence continued, causing Shawn to shift his feet with discomfort.

“I hope I’m not intruding,” he finally said in a soft tone, but his eyes clearly never left Catherine. He wanted to just scoop her up and embrace and kiss the hell out of her, but Dave was eyeing him like a hawk eyeing his prey. Catherine just stared at him. Unmoving.

He looked so handsome, usually with his furrowed forehead and his hands wedged in the pockets of his expensive pants. The long sleeves of his white-buttoned shirt were rolled to his elbows, revealing his tanned forearms and a small ‘Catherine’ tattoo that she had never seen before. His dark wavy hair was slicked back in the usual style, although the Scottish wind seemed to have misplaced a few strands.

She was breathless at the sight of him, and boy was he s**y. It was as if she was meeting him for the first time.

“Come on in, Shawn,” Dave replied warmly. Catherine could tell she was also shocked to see him out of his formal dress wear.

But this look suits him much better. Her breathing was still heavy as he made his way inside the apartment. She had tried so hard to forget about him, yet she knew deep inside her heart. She was still in love with the man..

“I apologize for showing up unannounced…” As he spoke, he moved further into the apartment and stood directly in front of her. “Catherine…” He walked past Dave and embraced Catherine so tightly. The shock was gone as he caressed her cheek, still amazed to see her alive. “God, you’re alive! Oh, Catherine…”


They locked eyes, and his intense gaze sucked her in like it always does..

“What happened? Please tell me… the child… our baby?” He asked, as if somewhat scared of her


But her tongue was trapped between Shawn’s appearance and her rapid heart rate.

After another few moments, she composed herself. “Shawn… what on earth are you doing here?”

“Catherine… please…I need to know? Who took you? Who hurt you? Please, where have you been all those months I’ve gone insane? I thought I had lost you. Did you know how devastated I am?”

“Because I lost your heir?”

“F**k no! Because I lost you, dammit! It’s all my fault. I left you there alone with the… Hell f**k. I’m so sorry. Yes, I care about the child as I care about you. But… It’s all my fault. It’s all my…” Shawn breathed in and said, “I really wasn’t happy with the way things went down in my life since you’ve been gone.” He inhaled deeply. Catherine could tell there was a great deal of weight attached to the words he was struggling to say. She didn’t think she had ever seen him so nervous, so furious at himself and so relieved at the same time. It was quite a stretch from the poised Mr. Richmond.

Dave cut in, “alright… I have to go get some tea in the f*****g coffee shop while you two stand there and watch each other’s eyes like you are about to f**k here in my living room. Feel free to keep it a little silent, yes?” He grumbled and left them as he closed the door.

Catherine blushed and stepped a little away from Shawn. “Well, it’s a long story. Can I offer you a drink? My apologies for the state of the apartment, we’re just trying to get things organized.”

Never before had Shawn noticed how time was so much like water; that it can pass slowly, a drop at a time, even freeze, or rush by in a blink. The clock announced it was measured and constant, tick-tock, part of a logical world; the clock lies. The past years without her had passed like thousands of camera frames per second shown one at a time. It was that mundane, lifeless. In this slow-time bubble, the birdsong was louder, the apathy was colder, and the colors were brighter. All the while, his insides felt as if there was nothing there, nothing to need feeding, nothing to need anything at all, but then she was now standing over him. Warmth, breathing, still as beautiful as ever.

“God, I miss you so much,” Shawn mumbled as he looked at her lips.

His eyes were locked on hers, and she flinched under his penetrative gaze.

“Um-“She ushered them into the living room. They sat down on the couch, and Shawn took another deep breath before speaking.

“I feel like there are a lot of words left unsaid from the last time we saw each other. Between all the silent fighting and me ignoring you. If only I had brought you with me, but I was too scared that I would be ambushed again. That is why I left you there. I’m so sorry, Catherine. If I could turn back time… I-”

“Stop right there. We can’t do anything about it. I lost my baby and…” it was time to let her heart out as she sobbed on Shawn’s shoulder. They both cried. Both are bereaved by the loss of a loved


one. After Catherine’s heart broke, she bled an ocean through her eyes. Her sadness eats her soul as it feels wafer-thin. Her body trembled and chilled from crying so hard on Shawn’s shoulder. However, even this magnitude of grief passed. And while it does, she learns more about pain than she ever wanted to know. Then she remembered it. Then she used it as the fuel she needed to create a world with less suffering. Or, at least, that was what she did

suffering. Or, at least, that was what she did for months, and she saw a lot of people doing the same thing in many different ways. Broken-hearted was a tough roll of the dice, but if she knew how to transform that raw pain into her strength, her soul-roared yet again, with Shawn crying with her, grieving the loss of their child. She just wanted to melt into her tears until they were both empty on the inside.


Twenty minutes later, both dried their eyes and caressed each other. “I don’t think anything was cleared up. But the first thing I need to do is apologize to you, Catherine, for the harsh way in which I spoke to you before I left. I was so devastated by my grandfather’s death that I wasn’t able to see clearly that you wanted to come with me. I was just too worried that they may come after you.”


“The one who wanted my wife and child dead. I have enemies, Catherine. Since my grandfather left me something, my own family was after me. They wanted it.”

Catherine couldn’t pretend to understand what he was thinking, but he had the right to talk about it like that. So she ended up telling him everything, about how Elizabeth

losing her child while Shawn clenched his feast like he was about to attack someone. But she never mentioned Javier recruiting her as their inside spy. She didn’t know if it was better to tell Shawn, but she wouldn’t want Javier to target Shawn instead. For now, she needs to keep it to herself.

“Elizabeth made sure that my life was a living hell. I was brought back to health all over again, then the torture repeated. It was a loop, a never-ending pain. I wished for a quick death, but it never came.

“The b***h will pay. I will. f**k! I’ll kill her slowly for doing it to you… I will.”

“She is mine, Shawn! Promise me! She is mine to kill.” Her eyes were blurry with hatred. The animosity in her voice was clear. Fury roared through her heart and soul. It was like eating her inside out. Changing her. Shawn just stared at her. “I can’t promise you, Catherine. She will pay dearly for that, I promise you.” His own fury vibrated through his being as he burned with anger and frustration. Something was wrong with Catherine. That he knew something was way deeper, darker. Like she was someone else entirely. She became different, and Shawn couldn’t blame her.

“She took my… she knew very well I was p-pregnant, but she, s-she never stops… she wants the baby dead. She wanted me dead just because I was married to you.”

“I’m sorry, sweethearts. It’s all my fault. But listen, I know you’re angry.” He turned away from her and looked back at his finger where he still wore their wedding ring. “But I need you to understand that I care about you deeply and that everything we had was real. The truth is… I-I care about you so much. But I don’t want you to get involved in it if you think you are likely to do so. This is my war. I will take care of it.”

“Hell no! Do you think I survived just to hide?”

He cut in. “Catherine, listen up, I can’t make it if something happens to you. I can’t lose you again.”

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