Billionaire’s Accidental Wife by C.ELLICA Chapter 40 by NovelsYou

Chapter 40

The morning air was crisp but thankfully not too cold as Shawn held her tightly and helped her get herself dressed. There was no breeze, the morning was very calm and still. They were now walking down an old path near the one Catherine had taken earlier near an available empty park. The path forks off in one direction that takes them onto the park and into a rose garden. The other part of the route goes up a small hill where they can look out over a lake. The morning sun was shining brightly from the cloudless sky.

Shawn veers to the path that goes up the little hill. She could almost see the reflection of the sun on the lake. He took her hand as they’reached the top. The view was breathtaking. There was a group of geese slowly gliding across the water, causing small ripples.

Shawn put her arm around his waist as they both looked out at the serene calmness before them. They had been joking and laughing all along the path, but the beauty of the sight before them made talking impossible. Catherine found it hard to believe that such a wondrous area could be found just a few yards from the hustle and chaos of a city.

Catherine saw a bench nearby and gestured to Shawn, and they walked hand in hand to it. The stone bench still held a small amount of heat from the day. He put his arm around her and she snuggled against him. It felt so wonderful to be held by him, Catherine thought. They rarely get a chance to enjoy being alone, between office duty, work, and life in general. This time was so special on many levels.

He kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer. She looked up into his eyes and felt an almost magnetic pull towards him. Shawn leaned down and kissed her so softly it felt like a whisper. She slightly shifted and deepened the kiss. His strong arms lifted her and she straddled his lap. Their kisses continued, deep and long.

An hour later, they were now in her bedroom, freshly out of the warm shower after a quick f**k at the lake, which made Catherine so embarrassed when they both shivered from the cold.

“You… OK, now? Warm enough?” Shawn asked as he massaged her shoulder and kissed her gently on the neck. That earned her a little moan that made Shawn smirk as she combed her hair in front of the oak vanity mirror.

“Yes… Warm enough now… stop doing that?”

“Good. Doing what?

“It tickles…” she moaned.

“Um-but you shouldn’t be going there again alone in the lake, Catherine,” Shawn chided her softly after a small kiss.

“I know, I was just curious.”

“Then tell me next time, I’ll be glad to accompany you there. OK?”

Catherine sighed. Shawn’s being too attentive and gentle towards her makes her feel giddy. She was not used to it. After all, she wasn’t expecting much from Shawn; he seemed to not discuss their no-strings-attached relationship at all. It’s not that she couldn’t wait for him to tell her about his feelings, but she was disappointed, and her dismay was as clear as the day, just like the early sun from the massive windows

Wanting to tease her, Shawn pulled down the front of his fresh cotton shirt, uncovering smooth, soft skin over a hard, chiseled chest. He removed the white garment from his body and threw it away on the floor. Afternoon light filtered inside through the gauzy yellow curtains that rippled across the windows, wrapping his skin in a soft glow.

She just sat there watching the reflection in the mirror. She was mesmerized by his extraordinary perfection. Shawn turned her around and lifted his hand to her, his fingertips a soft murmur as he outlined the delicate spot on her neck. He circled tightly around her, his caress dipping between her shoulder blades to follow the curvature of her spine. Then he walked her into the bed while never leaving his lips on her neck. While his fingers closed on the strap of her underwear top, she hesitated. He gazed at her and gave her a look of approval. A weak gasp broke Catherine’s lips as the bundle of soft material fell to her feet.

Shawn gazed at her with an unknown longing in his eyes that she didn’t understand or try to decipher, his gaze drinking her in from tip to tip. His deep ocean eyes lit up with lush passion, engulfing Catherine with the ferocity of a starving man. “Lovely. Wonderful… you are the perfect wife.” His words of passion kissed his lips like a lover’s desire.

Her room smells of roses and lilac bouquets. The yellow curtains around the bed were bubbling in the breeze, though the window was closed. It was mysterious and magical at the same time, just like how magically her clothing disappeared from her body, now scattered on the carpeted floor.

“You smell better than those bouquets of flowers, my sweet,” Shawn told her as if answering the questions on her mind.

Catherine moaned. How could he be so sweet towards her

“Um- I love them.” She told him and feigned an irritable voice as he removed his lips from her throat. His magical hands had caressed and kissed her skin. It glided down her arms, cresting her smooth, delicate b*****s. “What are you doing to me, Shawn?” she gasped, his magical touch igniting the fire in her blood, and right now she no longer cared about how naked she was; all she wanted was him. Now!

“For you, I will do anything to make you happy. I hope you knoabout it, sweetheart.”

Warmth poured down her bareback like a stream of light, prompting a symphony of sensations and desires she never knew she had in her. “Shawn.” Her voice ladled softer.

He surrounded Catherine’s body with his warmth, and she didn’t even try to protest it. She spread open the entrances of her desire, inviting him in as he laid her down in the soft bed.

“Shawn, I want you now,” Catherine mumbled, her breath short and stammering. The passion was almost too warm for the icy weather outside. They heard the laughter and the music in the banquet hall, but the two didn’t care. Maybe Chelsea and Jane arrived, but

they could wait

“Passionately impatient… I love it.” Shawn teased as he kissed her with all his might. Catherine’s head rolled back and she closed her eyes to relish the feeling. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him tighter to her b*****s. He shifted his attention to the other nipple and she felt herself getting wet. Her hips started to rub him. He pinched and tugged on one nipple while sucking on the other. “Oh, Shawn!”

While a desperate throb built between her legs, he kissed her curves and covered her with his warm lips, causing excitement to ripple down her hips and down her thighs. She wanted more. She wanted him now. She needed him…

She bit her lip, holding back a whine… Shawn, stop teasing, will you?”

Shawn whispered, his voice rough with affection and l**t. “I’m taking my time, sweetheart, but don’t ever hold back anything from me,” he whispered. Catherine met his regard and saw her passion reflected in his eyes. A powerful, fierce desperation took hold of her. Catherine grabbed him, her fingernails digging deep into his back. “I want you. I want you now.

ruthless, seductive growl thundered deep in his throat, a pledge of murky and vicious passion. His hands locked around her hips, he heaved her roughly against him, and her soft b*****s crashed against the hard wall of his chest as they both moaned.

Shawn met her eyes for a moment, and he declared remarkably, “Are you willing to spend your life with me, Catherine?” Then his mouth closed over hers and he didn’t wait for her to respond, ravaging the inside with such a heathen, desirous demand that it left her breathless.

“Yes…” She replied with a sweet moan. His mouth dipped to her neck as his warm tongue graced her skin, teasing her throbbing veins between kisses. Every flick of his tongue, every nibble of his teeth, fueled her passion, nourishing her and making her hungrier all at once. Then her lips found his neck. Too impatient to tease, her lips tasted his sweet, lustful skin. His groan spilled into his mouth like sweet nectar of honey. They kissed deeply, their longing fueled by emotion and desire, their relief at seeing each other every day. Catherine gave all of herself and took all of him in return. The mating passion was screaming at them, asking them to acknowledge each other, asking them to engulf each other.

His blood burned through her body like a wildfire, absorbing her from the inside out. Tearing apart and rejuvenating, simmering down and building up, every draw of his mouth sent a shock wave of happiness crashing and flooding through her. soft, desperate moan parted Catherine’s lips. “Shawn…”

He tugged the soft satin nightmare off her hips and her underwear along with them.

“If I’d known that you in my bed could be this much entertainment, I’d have f****d you sooner…. Didn’t wait for two f*****g years…” she mumbled. He smirked.

He chuckled. “I’ll remind you of your words the next time we have each together.”

“But I want you every day, Shawn, and I won’t accept no for an answer.”

“Careful little one or your wish will be granted.”

“I don’t think that would be appro-”

His sweet tongue crashed over her, tasting her all over again, drowning her in aching pleasure. Desperate for more, Shawn slid his inner desire onto her as she moaned, projecting his longing onto her, waiting for the warmth of acceptance.

Shawn froze.

Catherine paused, cautiously meeting his eyes. Had she broken some unspoken rule? “Is everything okay, Shawn? all right, something’s wrong?

“This isn’t… you know… the baby?” He asked as she held her breath. “No, of course not… Maybe in the final months… I think this isn’t allowed anymore…I think?

She looked up at him and saw that he was now as naked as she was. His large, sculpted, overwhelming self loomed over her, those gorgeous arms wide, daring her to say something. The sight of them made her feel so small. “Good.”

He pulled her roughly, flinging her over. As her hands and knees hit the soft mattress, his hand traced her inner thighs, spreading them. A single finger dipped inside of her, tracing, teasing. Heat surged between her legs, absorbing her in a whirlwind of intense sexual hunger. A second finger slipped in. A third.

‘Oh f**k, more.’ She arched her back and tilted her hips back, opening herself up to him. His hand stroked harder, faster, drenching her in heated, passionate elation.

Then, unexpectedly, he pulled away. “No…” she growled, making a fuss. A desperate whimper gasped her objection as he thrust hard into her.

“Sweetheart…, give me everything,” he whispered, his breath burning against her neck.”

Share everything with me, feel me as I feel you.” She cried out as he took her harder, obtaining her body and soul. Elation blended between her legs, ripening, surging. She shook, steadied on the ridge of release as she reached her peak.

“Please,” I moaned, “Oh, f**k, Shawn, please, harder. I want more of you.”

His restraint shattered, discharging the b*****l force that prowled beneath his predator armor. She ground herself against him, meeting his rough spasms with frantic enthusiasm. Her legs were throbbing, a blinding, searing heat was pulsing through her, building and twisting back on itself. She dug her fingers into the sheets, shivering as her body contracted, exploding in a wave of pure ecstasy all over again.

“Goodness me, you are amazing,” Catherine cried out, the aftershocks cradling her. Yes, she shared her feelings, her passions, her emotions-she opened up everything to him, bared herself. It was just her, unfiltered and unshielded. He’d seen her without her clothes, but he’d never truly seen her exposed, stripped of everything. She showed him every mystery, every dark corner of her psyche and essence, giving him all that she had and him to her. That was the power of her love. There was nothing better than this, nothing more intimate and powerful.

Shawn’s lips brushed down her neck in soft butterfly kisses. She shivered recklessly. She didn’t want him to be soft and gentle; she wanted him to divulge the restraints of politeness and take her hard and rough.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead gently. Sensual, delightful impatience surged inside of her as his hands gently parted her thighs. He grasped her hips and thrust once into her-then he pulled back, his muscles hard and tight as he loomed over her, his eyes alight with pleasure.

“More, please,” she groaned, her fingernails digging into his back in vicious, heated despair. She arched her back, tilting her hips to let him know she wanted more of him.

“Stop teasing me, Shawn.”

He slammed her back down on the mattress. His hands locked around her wrists, pinning her to the bed. He sank deeper into her, each action aggressive and hard. She cried out, swept up in a mist of delight that overwhelmed her with everything but his wonderful, sweet assault.

The bed shook and complained under them. Hunger, raw and uncontrolled, burned in his eyes. He was so close, and she wanted to see him lose that last shred of restraint, for that ultimate fiber to snap.

Overwhelmed, heathen passion rocking her body, she moved with him, synchronizing to his tempo. Shawn’s shoulders locked up, his muscles tensing as he gripped her tightly,

pulling her up to meet him. His whole body trembled, and he moaned deeply into her wet lips, kissing her with fierce fervor. Like a cyclone of force and lightning, ecstasy wrecked through her again and again, devouring her. whimper escaped her lips as she felt herself getting close to climaxing. He wrapped his arm around her waist and thrust his hips in time with hers. They started to climax together, and he swallowed her cries of joy with his lips. He kissed her deeply until she gained control. As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw him smile.

She laughed again. Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms. The banquet could wait.

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