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Chapter 39

Being completely naked, with an almost visible baby bump, in a mildly cold lake was beyond Catherine’s comprehension. Of course, she wanted adventure, and she got it. Stupid, yes, but this isolated privacy was all she needed, of course, to think about her life as she had immediately tucked herself in the warm, cold embrace of the lake as she shivered, unable to even fathom her foolishness, but was crazier? Shawn had become nothing but sweet and overprotective of her, not that marrying her and bearing his child was any weirder, but yes, now she had more questions than answers. Besides, she heard him talking to Elizabeth, and it was not civil enough. She believed that the b***h was threatening her life and the child’s life. Where she had come to know puzzled Catherine even more. Not that Shawn’s treatment of her had done anything but threaten her heart, and though she wasn’t expecting more, expecting too much of his sweet, caring demeanor towards her made her uneasy. But of course, she knew better than to expect.

No, to be fair, that wasn’t entirely true. Her heart flipped from the reality that Shawn was kind because of his heir. She’d known more in a month’s similarity than many husbands and wives did during the entire course of a marriage. Yes, they argued a lot, but in the end, they ended up f*****g each other, so what was the point of denying her true feelings? And yes, she denied it herself to the moon and back.

But still, a girl could dream, right?

Catherine thought about her and Jason’s relationships. Even Dave hated the man, and she’d refused to believe how naive she’d been over the years. How many breakups have there been? At least three? She couldn’t even remember why she’d refused to believe her friends and even her own brother. No reason, really, except that Jason seemed to be perfect for her… yet, he f*****g betrayed and cheated on her.

But perfect

Shawn Richmond was perfect. More than perfect. He was the epitome of a man who could shatter an already broken heart. Catherine knew for sure, nothing involved Shawn didn’t end up in tears, and right now she was waging a battle she knew she could never win.

Was that so much to expect?

She shook her head, aware that she sounded silly and spoiled. No, she didn’t need someone perfect. She just needed someone perfect for her, and Shawn was perfect for her. Perfect to hurt her all over again, right?

She knew what the common sense of stupidity said about her. She was too demanding, worse than foolish. She’d end up a spinster-no, they didn’t say that anymore. They said she was already far beyond that, which was true months ago. One doesn’t reach the age of

nothingness without hearing whispers behind one’s back.

Or thrown in one’s face. Not that Chelsea was any better-of course, her yoga classmates werway worse, but… Mr. Perfect was too hard to find.

But the funny truth was, Catherine didn’t mind her circumstances. Or at least she hadn’t, not until recently. Being pregnant and secretly in love with her husband was something..

so out of the ordinary.

It had never occurred to her that she’d always be a fool, and besides, she enjoyed her life quite well without a man in it for two freaking years. She had the most marvelous friend one could imagine-a brother in all.

But lately…

She sighed, unexpectedly feeling quite a bit more exhausted about fighting her feelings towards Shawn. She wanted to tell the world she loved him, but… she knew it was a risk she couldn’t take for the love of God. Lately, she hadn’t been feeling so cheerful, not that their every night lovemaking was any better. In fact, it gets better and better, and she was not about to be complaining about it either. It was perfect… more than excellent.

But recently, she’d been starting to think that maybe those old fears were right, and she wasn’t going to find herself a man who would love her. Maybe she had been too unlucky. too determined to follow the example of her friends, all of whom had found an intense and serious love for their spouses. Maybe a marriage based on mutual respect and companionship was better than none at all.

But it was difficult to talk about these feelings with anyone. Before Shawn’s proposal, her brother had spent so many months urging her to find a boyfriend; as much as she adored Dave, it would be difficult to listen to him when he was nothing but like Shawn, who changes girlfriends like he changes his clothes. Her brother would have been no help whatsoever. But Dave would probably have taken it upon himself to personally select a suitable boyfriend and then browbeat the poor man into submission. But he was too much of a dreamer, and besides, he rarely came down to London anymore, preferring the quiet of the countryAs for her-well, that was another story entirely, quite worthy of its own paragraph.

She reckoned she should have discussed Chelsea or Jane, but every time she went to see them, they were so b****y happy, so blissfully in love with their boyfriend and husband and Jane’s life as a mother to her line of twoHow could someone like that possibly offer useful advice to someone in Catherine’s position? And Chelsea seemed half a world awayoff in Scotland. Besides, Catherine didn’t think it fair to bother her with her stupid discomfort. Chelsea had been single every week for heaven’s sake. Catherine’s fears and worries seemed insignificant by comparison.

And maybe all this was why her resemblance to Shawn had become such a guilty pleasure.

Richmond was a large family, rich, elite, wild, and raucous. It was nearly impossible to keep anything secret, especially from Shawn’s cousins, though she had only met three of them at the wedding, and Sir Anthony, Shawn’s grandfather, could probably have won the war against Covid 19 in half the time if the scientist had only thought to draft him into the intelligence assistance.

The old man was, in his own strange wayvery pleased to have her as a granddaughter-in law. The one thing she’d never expected from the old man was that she was too kind to him, joking about his health, even worrying for him as a real granddaughter would do. She was always with him on his hospital visits when Shawn couldn’t accompany him. Yet his decision to marry her off to Shawn was shocking.

And because she had actually secretly loved Shawn, she’d been able to create him as her perfect man in her mind. If ever there was a perfect man, surely it had to be the Shawn Richmond of her imagination.

And now he wants the child? But he never told her about his feelings for her, the status of. their relationship? Yes, they f**k almost every night.. maybe more than she could count, but he never told her about his feelings. Was he scared of hurting her? Or was he just too preoccupied with his heir? And ruin what was supposed to be the perfect, no-strings attached relationship?

But then the impossible occurred. Jane was married. And what’s more, she’d married a lawyer and was happy ever since. Well, maybe not too happy in the bed department, but who cares? The man loves Jane so much. And Catherine wanted that kind of love…

But if f*****g superman had suddenly dropped from the sky and landed in her back garden, Catherine could not have been more surprised. Of course, she was happy for Jane and even happier with Chelsea. Truly, she was. And she was happy for Dave, too. They were quite possibly her three most favorite people in the entire world, and she was thrilled that they had found happiness, Jane with her family, Chelsea with her career and Dave with her arts… No one earned it more. But that didn’t mean that their achievement hadn’t left a sunken spot in her life. 1

She deemed that when she’d been considering her life as the unlucky one, and trying to convince herself that it was what she really wanted, the three had always been there in the picture, crying with her, and were happy right beside her. It was acceptable-almost encouraging, even-to be late twenties and unmarried as long as Chelsea was twenty-eight and unmarried, as well. It wasn’t that she hadn’t wanted Chelsea to find a husband; a real husband, of course, it was just that it had never seemed even the least bit likely. Catherine knew that Chelsea was amazing and considerate and gifted and funny, but the men of the ton never seemed to notice her as the right girl to marry. In all her years in society, in all Chelsea had not received one proposal for marriage. Not even a whiff of interest, of course, she hated the idea either


In a way, Catherine thought, she had counted on her friend to remain where she was, what she was-first and foremost, her friend. Her friend was single like her, but this sudden marriage was never in her plan, nor was the accidental marriage in Vegas. And the worst part, the part that left her wracked with grief, was that she’d never given a thought to how Chelsea might feel if she married first, which, in truth, she’d always assumed she would do, but she knew she was happy with this marriage. Even as fake as it was. Right?

However, she must have thought that this convenient marriage was a wonderful thing. Nevertheless, she was alone. So alone with her worries and pain in the middle of crowded London, in the middle loving friend It was hard to imagine a lonelier spot.

But suddenly, Shawn’s bold proposal-tucked away at the very bottom of her heart, she was not expecting anything more because she knew him. He was the playboy of the century, and she would never risk her heart for that matter but she knew she already had… She put her hopes at the bottom of her broken heart, locked away in newly purchased confidence, just so that she wouldn’t be tempted to think about it ten times a day-well, it seemed a bit more fascinating.

More intriguing by the day, actually, as she grew more and more restless, more disappointed with the lot in life she had to admit she’d chosen. And so one day, after she’d gone to visit her doctor, only to be informed by the butler that the mansion was not able to receive visitors, uttered in such a way that even Catherine knew what it meant, Shawn must have thought that this COVID-19 was a risk for her child, so she made a decision. It was time to take her life into her own hands, time to control her future, rather than attend to the boredom in the vain hope that the perfect man would suddenly materialize before her, never mind that there was never anybody new in ten miles radius, and after a full month of lockdown. So instead, she enjoyed the scenery of the lake, Shawn’s voice came

from nowhere.

“You are going to freeze to death, sweetheart!”

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