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Chapter 37 Javier was wondering where the hell Elizabeth was and what she wanted with Richmond’s doctor. HoweverJavier walked out of the room and went to the VIP lounge whenever he slept on the premises. While the others spoke to some of the other gangs, he’d intended to make some calls and try to get a bead on the assholes who would mess up Shawn’s marriage enough that he would want nothing from his wife.

An hour later, Elizabeth returned with a smile on her face. “What took you so long?” He withdrew a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, his gaze never leaving the now naked woman on the bed. “Well, shopping, of course, it’s none of your business, but well, I need a quick f**k to ease the tension, and I’ll tell you about my plan with the doctor. Shawn’s wife is pregnant.” That b***h! She sneered as her smile faded, molten anger rolled through her, and rage gripped her upon thinking about the b***h.

Releasing the smoke, Javier thought about leaving her alone but halted when she grinned at him. “Good!” He did want her. First, he and Elizabeth had shared a heated kiss, and then he’d finger-f****d her while she jerked him off. In between those two clashes, he’d spent enough time with her to realize the person she really was. And he wanted every inch of her. But she didn’t want him, not in that way at least. She wanted Richmond. She wanted his money and everything.

So be it.

After finishing his cigarette, he walked to his modern stereo system and slipped in an old Beatles DVD. Elizabeth stirred and sat up. Her hard pink nipples tipped into peach-colored, quarter-sized areolas and she stretched, thrusting her b*****s out further. “Come my love. I want to forget the b***h!” She blinked when she saw him just standing there looking at her in a daze. Her silent questions didn’t escape him. A husky voice to go with a lush body. The prospect of f*****g her grew more appealing by the second.

We will talk about our plan later, dear.” He said as she combed her fingers through her hair, arranging the entire length over one shoulder, covering her delicate neck.

Javier folded his arms and crossed one ankle over the other, leaning against the desk holding the stereo system. He didn’t have much in the room because he rarely spent nights there. A bed. A chest of drawerschair. That was about it.

As she silently continued to stare at him, he walked around, scanning beneath the lampshade on the side table for a hidden microphone or camera. He drew the drawers in the chest, eyed the inside, of his gun, and touched it before rubbing his fingertips against every inch of the wood. He repeated the process at his desk and on the headboard of the bed. “Seriously? Trust issues?”

“Yes. Be vigilant always.” He smiled back.

“But I’m so h***y now,” Elizabeth grumbled and touched herself. She studied him, confused, drawing her light and dark-colored brows together. She chewed on her full, bottom lip.

As the music began to play, Javier stilled, listening to the intense messages about the desire to show a son the real world and everything. His parents had played this song for his sister at the birthday celebration they’d had after graduation and ignored him as if he was invisible. He was literally unseen by everyone, and he hated them all as his nostrils flared.

Are you alright, dear?”

Javier narrowed his eyes on her. Her brown eyes widened. Either she was a d**n good actress or she really didn’t know that all someone had to do was ask him about his family and he would f**k their lives to hell.

He shook his head.

“Well…” She spat the last word. “I want to be on your lap now. To feel your e******n. You wanted to f**k me, right?”

“What is it to me?

“Well… a little assistance… hurt Shawn’s feelings a little. Fair enough? After all, you hated the man too, right?” “If you think that, then you’re a goddamn fool. But, if he wanted you, he would’ve f****d you and not cared who was watching. Why not move on? I can give you money…”


“Maybe not!”

“Then, stop being an a*s and f**k me!”

She lowered her lashes and laid back on the bed, stretching her legs. Her bare p***y lips and glistening c**t flickered at him. He could lose himself in this woman, forget the distress of his family for as long as it took him to f**k. No passion would be exchanged. Just s*x. No more talking. Nothing but the sound of the music filled the room and the memories of Shawn f*****g his life were in his head.

Undressing in silence, Javier watched as she rubbed her c**t. He took a condom out of his desk drawer and gloved his shaft in it before climbing on top of her and settling between her legs.

Surprise entered her eyesWaren’t going to kiss? My love?

No. He hadn’t kissed one woman since he’d tasted his sister’s mouth. Instead of answering the beauty beneath him, he thumbed her c**t and she groaned. He bent his head and licked her nipple, rewarding her when her folds heated a little more. He inserted two fingers into her juiciness and he sucked in a breath. She arched against him and groaned, swirling against his hand. He bit her nipple, boosted the pressure of his thumb on her c**t, the in and-out speed of his fingers. A keen groan started to evade her, but she bit down on her lip. catching the sound in her throat that his kiss could’ve made.

Holding her hips in place, he sank into her and she expanded around him, her velvety softness just the haven he needed. Her lips brushed against his chest and a shiver went through Javier. Elizabeth wrapped her long legs around his waist, clutching him tighter to her body, and lifting her hips to take him deeper.

“Just one kiss,” she mumbled. “Please.”

Her voice sent him over the rim, and he shivered and moaned, filling the condom and

going still. He was breathing hard and heavy, but it surprised him at how satiated he felt. More satisfied than he’d felt in months.

Javier rolled off her and stared at the ceiling, at a loss for words. He covered his eyes with his forearm, hoping she got the message and would leave him now that they’d f****d. But, no, of course, things wouldn’t be so easy. He felt the condom being pulled off his rod a moment before she covered her mouth around his trunk, allowing the head to hit the back of her throat. She loosened up her throat, took him deeper, and Javier grunted, lifting on his elbows to see her lips stretched around half his shaft, her cheeks burrowed as she sucked him hard. He fisted her hair and wrapped it around his hand, pulling on her head, hoping the small pain he caused would motivate her to s**k him harder and faster. He pumped his hips to her deep slurps and his head pulled back.

“Ah! F**k!” He tightened his grip on her hair and held her head in place, shoving it into her wet mouth as c*m spurted from him. He kept his rod in her mouth, her head in place until his breathing slowed. Only then did he pull away and release her hair,

“Now will you kiss me, Javier?

Hands behind his head, he popped an eye open. “You want a kiss, darling?”

She nodded and smiled. “Come here.”

She trudged next to him, her enormous pale b*****s hanging, drifting near his mouth. He crouched further up and sucked a tight nipple into his mouth while guiding her onto her back. She groaned, and he put forward his head.

“If you need a kiss, beautiful, I’ll give you a kiss you won’t forget.”

Elizabeth’s breath caught. He knew she expected him to go up instead of heading south. There were kisses and there were kisses. Some were the sweet, romantic kinds, with

Chapter 37

amour in the air and oh-so-gentle temptation involving two lips, two sets of lips. Others were heated, wicked kisses, comprising one set of lips attached to one mouth, one tongue, and a pair of slick, p***y lips.

He ran his tongue along the pale pink furrow of her folds, pushing her legs wide open. He circled her bare outer lips before opening them and licking his way around the middle folds, circling her c**t but never quite touching it. He speared his tongue into her folds and she screamed. “F**k! That’s it… that,” she grunted. “Who taught you to eat a woman like this? This is pure heaven. F**k!”

He smiled and yet he didn’t answer back at her, rather rejoicing in his c**t banquet. Removing his tongue from her hot body, he nudged the hood of her c**t back, exposing the most sensitive part of her and giving her what she asked for, a kiss. He pressed kiss after kiss against her before lapping. She flailed against him, tugging at his hair, her legs trembling through her massive o****m. “Oh, Javier!”

Oh, he wasn’t halfway finished eating her c**t. She wanted a kiss, then a kiss she’d get. Her juices clung to his lips, his chin, and his nose. She’d come all over the place. He inserted a finger in each part of her and began pinching his tongue over her c**t, massaging the thin sweet lips and keeping her in place by pressing his other hand against her belly. “You wanted that whoreYou will get it.”

Her screams and whimpers pleased him, and when she came again, he eliminated his finger but not his mouth, sucking her c**t until she begged him to stop and he pulled away. He sat up to get another condom. He took her fast and hard, her feet resting on his shoulders, the sound of his movements in her soaked p***y spurring him to harder urges in her. Concealing his head against her shoulder, he closed his eyes and breathed in her smell: blossoms, coupling, and exertion. He bit her ear, pressed on her c**t until she had another o****m, then emptied the condom into the toilet bowl and flushed it.”

He remained inside of her for a few minutes, before relinquishing and getting to his feet to discard the condom in the bathroom. When he returned, she had sat up and looked so happy. He got his cigarettes and offered her one, but she declined with a shake of her head. “Now let’s get down to business.” She said with a raised brow, and bit her lip and smirked at him

He sucked on his cigarette, thinking about what would happen to her if she went back out there with no clothes on, looking as thoroughly used as she had been. He doubted the others remained in the main room. He yanked open a desk drawer and stopped short as a photo of his sister greeted him. B***h!

Javier swallowed, grabbed his gun, and slammed the drawer shut. He turned, still gripping it in his hand. Elizabeth let out a frightened cry. “What the hell.” With a sigh, Javier shoved the weapon into the waistband of his pants.

“I don’t kill someone, I feast… Who the hell knows what’s going on out there by nowI

might have to pistol-whip some assholes or shoot the s**t out of them as I escort you to your car… Let’s go! Let’s not talk about it here. Let’s go to my apartment.”

After finding her dress, he led her out of the room. Just as he suspected, the celebrations had heightened to an orgy with the gangs f*****g the hired whores wherever and however, they sucked d**k. Walking through the crowd, two naked girls approached him, ignoring the prostitute he was leading away: “Come, let’s get out of here. Richmond will pay dearly, my love.” He whispered in her ears, and she smiled.

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