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Chapter 35

Warning, Rated PG 18

One week later.

Yes, it was simple. She collapsed in front of Shawn, and, of course, he phoned the doctor, who informed Shawn that she was two months pregnant after a series of laboratory tests. To say Shawn was shocked was an understatement. He was so angry at her for not telling him as soon as possible that it took him two days to talk to her again when she went to the kitchen in the middle of the night to look for something to eat. Shawn had awoken and walked to the kitchen, where he discovered her eating a chocolate cake. To make matters more awkward, he ended up asking her about everything, even what she wanted to eat

and how much she disliked eating food with garlic and cheese, and Shawn has been spoiling her ever since. Even asking her to stop working as his secretary resulted in an argument, but he eventually relented.

Catherine sat at her desk, staring at her phone. She had completed her morning routine of scheduling and completing every department report. But all she wanted was that one phone call to say he’d found it. As she drifted off thinking about their last encounter last night, when they finished watching a movie marathon in the living room, to say they watched Fifty Shades of Grey was beyond awkward, yet Shawn was teasing her the entire time. And, yes, they decided to take things slowly and be civil to one another; to say she was surprised was an understatement.

She thought being civil was like… conversing like they were normal acquaintances, but he ended up being too intimate, sweet, and touchy. If giving her a shoulder massage was civil enough, and always being by her side, touching and caring for her was his way of being friendly, she was at a loss for words. Shawn, on the other hand, was always there when she had an episode of morning sickness, sneaking out onto their shared porch and sleeping by her side, then taking care of her when she puked her heart out in the bathroom sink.

And now, waiting for him to return when she mentioned that he wanted Durian Candy was truly awful because she knew that almost all candy shops were closed due to the lockdown, and she could only hope that Eddie and Shawn would find it in the grocery store.

However, thinking about Shawn made her feel aroused. Maybe her pregnant hormone level was way way abnormal or normal, she didn’t know.. But before she could snap out of her reverie, her phone rang. For once, the high-pitched ringing was a welcoming sound, and she answered quickly.

“Did you find it?” She knew who was on the other end of the phone.

“Yes, and do you want anything else?”.

“Nope, just that… Can you make it quick?” Her voice already carried the sound of longing. for his body to hold her. Yes, she wanted the f*****g Durian Candy, but she wanted Shawn even more.

“I can’t wait. I want you-I mean, I want that now.” She could almost hear his gasp and she knew this was ridiculous, denying her longing was absurd when in reality she wanted nothing but to hold him and be with him, his massive shaft buried deep inside her while she- ‘Oh hell! Snap out of it, Catherine.’ but she couldn’t wait. It had already been too long.

An hour later, when a knock came, she opened it, let him in, then slammed the door behind her, and he took that as the final word. Smiling, “Did you have it?” Catherine asked.

Yes, I told Eddie to sanitize it first…” he raised his gaze to her blushing face. He was beginning to love how she looked so beautiful day by day. “Ok!” She answered and walked back to the table. He took his time, allowing her the space she needed, looking at her back, his heart beating hard, though, at the thought that she’d been waiting for him-that she cared enough to open the door.

He stepped closer as Catherine sat in her chair and looked at him for what seemed like an eternity, his eyes gazing into hers. He walked over to her and gently kissed her, his breathing warming her face. “So… anything else?” His voice was tender as he wrapped his fingers around the nape of her neck and drew him to her.

“I- um… well,” she said, wrapping her arms around Shawn and pressing her face against his chest as she grumbled. “Thank you.”

He stroked her hair, loving the way her body melted into his like liquid velvet. She would always remind him of the ocean, stormy and gentle, welcoming and extraordinary. Like the waves against a rock, he could break into a million pieces, scatter into molecules and tiny specks, and fall whole into the warmth of her embrace all over again.

Then he kissed her deeply. It was hard and passionate, full of longing and l**t as his hand glided over her waist. She looked up at him and those deep cobalt blue eyes were drenched in l**t.

As they kissed, she slowly stood up, their lips meeting for what seemed like the first time. Her hands slowly slid down to his pants, and she felt his hard manhood. He brushed her hair back and bowed to entice kisses from her. Her lips were trembling, and he caught her full lower lip between his teeth and tugged gently. She opened her mouth to his, taking as much as she gave. Her slender arms circled his neck, holding his head to hers, her body pressing into his.

She longed for him so much that she wanted him now. She kissed him more passionately and felt his hands wander up her thigh, then gently under her skirt to her wet panties.”.

Shawn, please…” Catherine whispered into his mouth. She kissed him with growing hunger, each kiss longer and more demanding.

He could feel her breath quicken. Shawn deliberately twisted his finger around her panties and felt her moist shaven passage. He began to strokę her c**t, as she moaned, “Shawn!” He inserted one finger deep into her wetness. He knew from her small moan that she wanted this. “What wifey?” He walked around her, drinking her in. She didn’t move as he circled her, his fingers caressing her waist, then her hip, rubbing her buttocks and the seam where her thigh and bottom met. He loved stroking her soft skin. He loved the way she completely provided herself so completely to him.

Back in front of her, he slid his hand over her b*****s and flicked her sensitive nipples on his way to the junction between her legs again. His hand caressed, fingers sliding deep and then coming shallow to circle, so that her body flushed and her breathing changed. He felt the heat of her channel close tightly around his fingers, and her hips moved in an instinctive reaction.

He closed his eyes and savored the feel of her silken heat. For him, it was a welcome warmth. Her hands came up to his chest as she rocked against him and she licked at his flat nipple. As if on an electrical wire, the sizzle ran from her tongue to his groin. His heavy e******n grew even fuller and pulsed in anticipation

“I want you…” Catherine’s mind was in ecstasy as Shawn’s finger was now working its way in and out. She hurried him over to her desk where she jumped onto it and opened her legs. He kissed his way from the corner of her mouth to her breast, one hand cupping the soft weight in his palm while he tasted her again and again. He trailed his other hand across her bare tummy, the pads of his fingers stroking gently. There was possession in those long, spread fingers as he teased the underside of her breast, enjoying her response, the shudder of passion, the tiny shock that ran through her body, and the small moan that told him she was already wet for him.

He slid her wet panties off and continued to stroke her haven. Catherine leaned forward and unzipped his slacks, feeling his hard member through his cotton dark boxers. His face reviled that this was a favorable spectacle, so she slid her hand under the boxers and began stroking his massive shaft, finding it hard to resist pulling it harder as he proceeded to finger her deep wet haven.

After a while, he pushed her down onto the table, clearing every piece of paper as it scattered on the floor. He couldn’t take it any longer. He wanted her, he needed to be inside her. As she went down, she pulled his pants and boxers down, leaving his shaft to stand fully. Her face blushed as she saw it. Indeed, it was massive, and in exchange, she began to unbutton her blouse, but Shawn’s hand came to hers and halted her. She glanced at him worriedly. He wanted it all to end, but he looked down and finished what she had started.

He gazed longingly at her firm b*****s as he released them from the black lace bra. Then he kissed her and went down to her breast. He began to s**k her nipples, licking them until they were both e***t, indulging himself, kissing her over and over, devouring the sweet taste of her, reveling in the way she opened to him and took him in. He swallowed her moan, that soft sound that hardened him even more. He dreamt of that sound sometimes, and woke up hard and aching. When he turned to her, she always, always met him with eagerness.

Catherine’s eyes darkened, and she laid back, beckoning with her finger. His hands parted her thighs and just the warmth of his breath made her groan, “Ahh!” Then he lapped at her, a cat after cream, using his tongue, driving her up hard and fast, taking her right to the verge and then pulling back again. He liked the way her body shivered, the way her hips tugged and the way that faded, breathless music played in his ears. She tasted, sweet like honey, wild and free, and his need for her grew each time she squirmed and whimpered. He breathed in her fragrance, the scent of his woman, and rubbed his lips between her thighs, watching the ripples of arousal move up her legs to her passage and even her belly, where the muscles bunched tightly in reaction.

The moaning plea he’d been waiting for, sounding like she was coming undone, that he’d pushed and spanned her limits just a little more. “Shawn, I’m coming.”

He climbed onto the desk above Catherine and stared into her eyes. He ran his hands over her b*****s and then began to push his hard, throbbing shaft into her. Her folds were tight, but she began to groan as he entered. She gasped as he pressed the throbbing head of his shaft into her wet passage. She pushed back, trying to impale herself on his thick shaft. He caressed his fingernails gently down her back and over her buttocks. Again, there was a ripple effect; her legs shaking, her body trembling. He gripped her hips and slammed home.

Slowly, he began to thrust in and out of her, every time her moans caused him to push harder. Her body took him into her tight, hot haven, wrapping eagerly around him, stroking and caressing as she slowly, almost reluctantly, allowed his invasion.

She ran her fingers down her back and began encouraging his thrusts by pushing him deeper into him.

“Harder. I need you,” she moaned. And he obeyed. The faster he went in to her, the more he could feel her folds pulsating, and he found himself getting closer to o****m. There was always that exquisite moment when she was so tight that he was uncertain if he could force his way into heaven, but the petals unfolded and allowed him entrance, burning hot and full with needs. She was tight and constricting, gripping him as he swelled deeply, then withdrew and drove home again and again as she screamed.

He began to go faster and deeper, licking her firm b*****s as he did. He could see how close

Catherine was. She was almost screaming with pleasure now. Her mind was a blur, and between her legs was a burning sensation. She moaned for more, asked for more, and for it to be faster, deeper and harder. As she came, she whined, and he continued to drive his shaft into her. She couldn’t breathe properly, and the room was spinning. He felt her tighten but carried on pounding into her. She was so wet it made him want to go harder. Her nails dug into him as she screamed. Shawn continued thrusting harder until he groaned and came into her. He pushed her into her, one last time as his c*m filled her.

They laid there for a while and then got dressed. He smiled at her and then kissed her softly. “I can’t wait for you to tell me to go to the grocery store again for some candy. If this was the payment, I would be glad to do it every day.” .

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