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Chapter 34 Shawn sat on the couch across from his bed and stared at it hard as he swallowed another mouthful of the expensive, rich brandy. There was something wrong with him, he thought. Earlier, when he explained to Catherine about the contract, the latter did not agree yet, asking him to give her some time to think. Yes, it was hard to imagine that he would end up asking a woman to bear him a child. Under different circumstances, the ladies would be queuing to give him an heir. After all, it would be a ticket to a wealthy life, but of course, being Catherine, she didn’t just ask for a decent time to think about his proposal, but she had her own request and changes.

How was it too hard to make her just say yesWell, they just have to sleep and f**k, then voila! It was not that hard, yes? But d**n if he was not confused.

Yes, Catherine was different in many ways. It wasn’t supposed to happen to him, but it was supposed to happen fast, no questions. He was the b****y Shawn Richmond. Everyone in London trembled when he passed them by, and he was having a b****y recurring agony of convincing his wife

“B****y well figures,” he mumbled as he looked out the window. The night was still high in the sky, and he knew dawn was still far off. It was much too early to rouse his driver, or even the butler, for that matter. With a shake of his head, he stood, walking swiftly back to the bed. Placing the brandy glass on the table beside him, he threw the blankets aside and climbed in.

A feminutes later, he had made himself as comfortable as he could get. He sighed and closed his eyes. He was going to sleep well and be done with it.

Maybe this was a dream or reality, he doesn’t know. But it felt so real?

Catherine was in his room. The lampshade gave him enough light to see that it was really her, with only a very thin silk fabric that covered her lascivious body, sitting on the bed. She was staring at him from the bed. Her eyes were a vivid cobalt blue, accented by her dark blonde wavy hair. “Shawn…” Her voice sounded more like a moan than anything else. Maybe this was a dream because there was no way she would moan his name like that. He knew he should go to her, but he also understood that he couldn’t. Despite what he wanted, his body arose to follow its own consent.

As he stepped forward, she set herself back on the bed, her bare, satin-covered, lush body exposed to him. Her b*****s were full, high, and perky on her chest. Shawn felt desire and Iuet cuirling within him as he walked forward She parted her legs, revealing to him

here? My beautiful Catherine…” Shawn groaned as he lowered his lips to taste her supple flesh.

She wailed in delight, arching her back and clamping his head to her breast. “Shawn!” He moved his hands over her body, touching, brushing, grabbing. She bucked in vicious elation at his touch as she moaned his name. “More, Shawn I want more of you.” He teasingly moved his hand to her mounds at her thighs. Dampness greeted his touch as he slipped a finger between her full lips to touch her. She marked her nails across his back as he flicked her c**t gently. “Oh, Shawn.” Moving up, he kissed her hard as he undertook his tender, sweet invasion. Shawn couldn’t stop himself from caressing her in the most appropriate way as her lips tasted like honey and milk and her body moved in such suggestive ways, took his time and kissed his beautiful wife.

Unhurriedly, he extended a long finger into her safe passage. When she moaned and arched her hips against his touch, he looked for that sweet spot. That ledge that he could stroke inside her would propel her over the edge of her own climax. He found it. Desperately, he maneuvered his hands. He stroked it lovingly, swallowing her gasps of pleasure into himself as he kissed her. He caressed her until he felt her near the edge of fulfillment. Moving above her slowly, he parted her thighs further and rested his chest against her lush b*****s. “My wife, you are mine, only mine…” He whispered as he positioned himself. –

Unhurriedly, he pushed himself into her tight, wonderful haven. Moaning, he began a quick, short progression of pushing in slightly and then withdrawing almost entirely. That made Catherine growl at his ears, “Why are you a teaseI want all of you, Shawn.” It was the worst tease he had ever given himself, but it would ease her completely. When he had let himself inside her enough to feel her deeper, he groaned. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to come sooner than expected. He was deeply addicted to her moans. He was intoxicated with the slightest of her touches because in those moments he let the profoundness of his soul become all of her. She became his soul, just like a green meadow. She was every flower, every petal, bright and beautiful.

Pushing up, he sat on his knees between her thighs and heaved her closer to him. Her eyes were closed with an unknown excitement, and he knew if he moved any further inside her, they would fly open with pain and alarm. Licking his thumb, he placed it on her c**t and began to tease her. She groaned and bucked her hips against him. He gritted his teeth and continued his gentle assault. He felt her passage tightening on him as she began to climax. As her world shattered and she came, he pushed past her barrier and buried his seed in her warm womb. He wailed at the pleasure, promising his love and affection with every shout. She, in turn, answered with her own promises of love and devotion.

Shawn woke up with a start. He’d had the dream again. D**n it. He told himself no more. It was torture beyond measure… It was painful. And he wasn’t a fan of torture and pain.

“F*****g rubbish.” With that, he stood up and rang for his butler. “Eddie, I need coffee now!”

Meanwhile, he woke up from the dream with a start. It had seemed so real. But it wasn’t, she told herself, chiding herself about dreaming of something embarrassing that she knew was wet beyond compare… Was it her hormones again? Being pregnant made her so eager and so… Hell!” This is so embarrassing.”

Flopping back on the white pillows, she stared at the wall across the room. The morning sunlight shone through the glass windows slightly, making the wall across the room a dazzling array of stripes. Every other morning, she loved to lie in bed for as long as she could get away with it and just watch the flecks. Today, she couldn’t wait to get out of bed. She felt like some massive elephant was sitting on her body. She felt rather exhausted and so hungry…” oh…goodness me, I’ve never been this hungry before.” Thinking about her pregnant belly, she halted as she felt herself slip into a bed again and sob. For some frantic reason, she was grieving her shattered heart. She had loved him, she knew that, she thought a bit wildly that he would never see her as a wife, only a convenient contract, just like a business deal. Yet she loved him, and she couldn’t be with him. He was so close and yet so far, money, pride, and many things separated them in more ways than she could bear to count.

Pushing the blankets aside, she hurried out of the bed and winced. Leaning down, walking to the bathroom, she cringed as she felt dizzy all of a sudden. She had to go into the office today, Shawn had a full schedule of meetings and more meetings. She made a mental note to contact Ashton for assistance. And she had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. Great. Taking a shower, she got dressed and did her little makeup in record time, went to the kitchen and asked for a full breakfast.

“Good morning, wife!” Shawn’s voice echoed in the kitchen. “Beautiful morning, isn’t it?”

Her heart began to race as she stared at his face, his hard body, and knew. Knew in her bones and every other part of her, that this man would never see her as a wife. This was the man who fathered her child, the man who stole her heart. The man she had never hoped to become a part of her but unknowingly did without her even realizing it.

When she looked up at the man, she almost fell back. He was dressed in a b****y pricey suit as usual and he was killing it with his smile. “Oh, are you supposed to be this early in the morning?” She started and then stopped.

“I owned this mansion. I can do whatever I want, remember?”

“Right” She mumbled and rolled her eyes. Looking up at him fully, she stumbled backward and fell onto her hip. She was so dizzy and the world appeared to be turning like she was on a roller coaster..

“Catherine?!” Like a shock, he shouted and went to her side, rushed out before he realized what he was saying, “Wife?!” He took a hesitant step forward and stopped himself. What were these feelings that were flooding over him? They were the same emotions he felt for

her in the dream. Longing… and something else… with the same worry and dread.

“Eddie call a doctor!”

His voice was the last thing she heard as she succumbed to oblivion.

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