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Chapter 24 Catherine couldn’t help but moan. She knew she was playing with fire now, and it was obvious enough to get burned by his wonderful warm touch. She felt warm fingertips start to massage the base of her skull and warm breath on the nape of her neck. She shuddered in anticipation, She felt her nipples harden against the fabric of his soft cotton shirt and felt a gentle heat feeling sweep through her. She wasn’t confident if the heat she was feeling was all from the fire or from his breath.
He kneaded her shoulders and back, avoiding the sore spot. She felt the heat of his fingers through the fabric. He toiled with her tired muscles. After what seemed like an eternity of warming her neck, he went back to massaging her shoulder. It was then that he really noticed that she was sitting against his chest and the bulge in his trousers. He didn’t even realize until he looked down that her hands were resting on his thighs. The throb and longing from their amazing sexual encounter two years ago were flooding back. Her writhing from his tongue, her moan, her warm, delicate touch. He only wished that Catherine was feeling it too.
“Feeling loosened up now? Just take a deep breath and close your eyes. I forgot to show you the pressure points,” he whispered in a low, deep voice in her ear. “The first is here, at the base of your skull.” He reached up and held her hair away from her neck. He leaned forward and placed a small but warm kiss where his fingertips had just been. She shivered, waiting. She felt him release her blonde hair and gaped as his hands came around her and unbuttoned the next button on his shirt. He glid the fabric down to her shoulder blades.
“There’s one here,” he whimpered, kissing her left shoulder blade. “And here,” he said, kissing the right. She let out a small oh. Again, the warm, large hands came around her and unbuttoned the next two buttons. He hurried the material, and it fell from her shoulders. She caught it, holding it over her b*****s.
“And there are a few minor ones here, and here, here too,” Shawn let out a growl when Catherine moaned again, kissing them each in turn on both shoulders. She moved her head to allow him to kiss her skin gently. “Shawn!”
“Yes?” He blew hot breath on his fingertips and touched them to her skin. Ten spots of warmth made her moan and stretch. “W-we aren’t s-supposed to be d-doing this…” She couldn’t help but moan again when the warmth of his breath was back on her neck again. Licking the sensitive spots.
They were sitting directly in front of the armchair. Shawn leaned back on it. “Lay back, Catherine… Just close your eyes,” he murmured into her ear. She lay back on his powerful chest. He saw her gather the material of the shirt and pull it back onto her shoulders. He saw the valley between her sweet, delicate, and generous b*****s, and could see each nipple against the material. He reached down and unbuttoned the last buttons. His hands were poised to brush the shirt off her, and he paused. “May I?” he begged in a whisper, “Y-yes,” she whispered back. She closed her eyes. She felt the material being gently swept from her b*****s. She tightened when he touched her.
“Catherine, don’t think too much, don’t think, just relax. If you don’t loosen up, I won’t do this,” he said quietly. She immediately obeyed. She knew this was foolish, but could she
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blame herself?
Shawn moved his finger up the area between her b*****s and saw her nipples harden inte still red peaks. With her lying on him, both lots hands were free to do as she pleased lle placed his hands on her, tracing small patterns on her bosom and circling her b*****s, “Shawn!” Nie heard her moan, as if telling him to stop or continue she didn’t care, she wanted to release everything, and what entered Shawn’s mind was her pleasurable moan
When he finally ran his palm over the tip of her nipple, she took a breath and arched under his hand. He massaged both her b*****s gently.
He wanted to change positions. He gently hoisted her away from him and laid her flat on the soft rugs. She questioned him with her eyes, and he whispered, “Just relax”
She turned a questioning look his way. With luis eyes, he bid her wall, and she settled, Shawn was now lying straight to her. Barely touching her caused her to arch toward his hands. She moaned soft purrs throughout. He lowered his head to her nipple. He circled it with his tongue. Catherine gave a low cry of passion. As he proceeded to suckle her nipple, she never even noticed that he was coaxing down her silky panties.
When she realized what was going on, she bent her knees and lifted her feet, allowing him to slip them off. Shawn threw them away. He returned his hands to her, tracing lower and lower to her most sensitive spots. His fingers slid between her legs. Catherine parted them slightly to let him in. His fingers moved slowly into her, and she persuaded him in further by spreading her legs wider. He stroked the top of her furrow’s small nub, making her groan with enough pleasure to last her for years.
Catherine let out a small, wild, and frantic groan as she called for his name. With excruciating slowness, Shawn’s fingers worked their way downward. She felt one finger slide into her, then another. They began gently stroking in and out, curling at the tips to catch her g-spot with each movement she wailed. She withered around him. Catherine shifted her hips to match his movements, pressing up against his fingers. He began to accelerate further until she let out a long, drawn-out sigh of delight. He noticed a smile, white teeth piercing the soft darkness as her moan echoed through the cottage.
She opened her blue-green eyes and placed her fingertips on her lips. She rose to meet him in a passionate kiss. During the kiss, she moved until she was right next to him. He sat back and let her climb on top of him. She kissed him and knelt on his chest. Curiosity moved down his sides and up under his sweater.
She lightly caressed his chest, feeling the soft hairs that covered his skin. She drew her hands back and approached his face. She stroked his hair with her fingers, lightly tracing her fingernails over his scalp. Despite himself, he shivered, and her hands moved on. She began by tracing the outline of his full lips with her fingertips. He stared into her eyes until she drew his eyelids closed with her index finger. A hot tongue traced his lips. When he opened his mouth, their tongues met, the tips lightly touching. She stroked his outer ears and knelt to one side. She nuzzled his ear with her hot breath and quick fingertips.
He’d become incredibly hard beneath her. He knew she had to feel it because one of her thighs was between his legs. She’d done it. She paused her face-to-face interventions and slid a hand down. She squeezed
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his hard bulge, eliciting a groan. As she continued to massage him through his jeans, his arms wrapped around her and held her tightly.
He was desperate to let go. He made a move to free himself, but she outpaced him. She slid down between his legs and used her free hand to unzip him. He reached down and yanked the offending jeans off. All that remained were his gray Jockeys, which he let her take off. She was allowed to see his huge, massive, gigantic member. “Ow!” Catheroline smirked, seeing that it was well defined and reasonably thick, just like what she remembered in his bathroom suite. He stood stiffly, almost twitching, waiting for her to do whatever she wanted with his c**k. She cracked a grin. She knew how to play this game instinctively. She stroked his length with her fingers. Another hand wrapped around it and stroked the soft skin. He was in a frenzy of silence, waiting for her to resume her exploration. She returned his gaze, and his expression revealed his impatience as he moaned and she smirked.
Catherine wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked it hard. She enjoyed the sensation of him quivering in her hand. She could hear his breath becoming ragged, and she didn’t want to push him too hard down this path. She wanted pleasure and torture him at the same time. She leaned her head back and only touched his throbbing p***s with the tip of her tongue. He arched beneath her, and she let him. She took him down one step at a time. She tormented him beautifully as she sped up and slowed down, drawing him close and then backing away. She applied pressure to various areas of his body, feeling the effects. She encircled him with her tongue. As she pushed him to the brink of o****m, two words came to mind: liquid velvet. That’s how her tongue felt to him.
But he didn’t want to go out in such a blaze of glory. He was excruciatingly hard, and he had to stop her. He drew his hand down and lifted her chin. He drew her back on top of him after she asked him a question. As he moved her into position, he could feel the heat of her bare p***y against his member. He reached down and lifted her hips, lowering her onto him.
She exclaimed in surprise at the sudden fullness. He slowly pushed her torso up, applying pressure to all the right internal areas. Her head was cocked, and her mouth was open. “Ahh! Shawn!” She couldn’t help but moan so loudly as her b*****s hung heavy and ripe in front of him as she lifted her body off his shaft and back down, starting a rhythm.
Catherine took her time at first, getting used to the sensations. He penetrated her shallowly for the first few strokes, allowing her to establish her speed. She made herself moan in pleasure when she finally brought herself all the way down. He could see how far she had fallen, and he was determined to push her over the edge. He took command. He grabbed her hips and began a new beat. It piqued her interest. He slowed, then accelerated. He brought her completely down each time in order to elicit a response. On the downstroke, he began buckling up into her. Her eyes widened and she formed an “o”. Her tongue ran over her teeth as she clung to his broad shoulders for support. He began furiously bringing her down and his hips
| her tightening around him. The combination of her already tight folds and her muscles milking him was too much for her. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders, and she sobbed. This was a sign of the contract. Shawn had asked her to get this out of their system, and for now she didn’t care anymore, determined to take him with her. She could feel it coming from deep within his shaft. He came in pulsing throbs as she drew him deep inside her as they both reached their peak.
The shared experience resulted in mutual moans of delight. She raised herself to allow him to
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breathe. He drew her back down onto his swollen chest. Catherine caught her breath, and they lay there for a long time. The fire was beginning to die out, and Catherine shivered on top of Shawn. His hands caressed her arms, causing goosebumps on her skin. He cocked his head and reached for the blanket next to his head. He grabbed it and threw it at both of them.
“Are we getting this out of our system now?” she murmured in his ear, breathlessly and disappointedly that made Shawn sighed knowing what she meant well. His arms crossed over her back, pressing her even closer to him in response. Sweet slumber eventually overcame them, and they lay there for the rest of the night.

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