Billionaire’s Accidental Wife by C.ELLICA Chapter 10 by NovelsYou

Chapter 10


When Catherine woke up, her eyes fluttered open, blinking against the soft morning light from the glass window, blinding her eyes as she squinted. She glimpsed around and noticed that she was wrapped in a black satin sheet. She was confused about where she was. Her hair was as wild as the jungle, untamable and unruly. Her once remarkable golden blond ringlets now vaguely resembled a bird’s nest, and any bows or clips that had once held them in place were long gone.


Then, a sudden rush of dizziness and headaches hammered her head. But all those nauseating feelings halted when Mr. Ten Years with his heavenly broad shoulders was on her side of the queen-sized bed, stirred up and went back to sleep.

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