Always Been Yours Chapter 495 by NovelsYou

Chapter 495
Gregory gave her a smile that went all the way to his eyes. When Nicholas saw his girlfriend being stolen away by his son, his’expression darkened a little. I knew it. My son is, indeed, my love rival! Timothy could sense how dejected Nicholas felt, and he couldn’t help but chuckle in schadenfreude.
It was late by the time they arrived at Dynasty Gardens. Tessa addressed her brother the moment they got into the hall. “I’m going to shower Gregory and put him to bed first, but I’ll come down to give you a massage later.” To her surprise, Timothy rejected her offer almost immediately after she finished speaking. “It’s fine. I was just kidding in the car,” he said. Then, he moved to carry Gregory before Tessa could do the same thing. “I’ll take care of the boy tonight. You and Nicholas should go and get some rest,” Timothy suggested, then brought Gregory upstairs upon finishing his words.
After all, he knew that it wasn’t right to disrupt his sister and brother-in-law’s night. Gregory took a while to process the situation, but he began to wriggle his way out of
Timothy’s arms when he realized what was happening. “Let me down, Uncle Timothy. I want Aunt Tessa to put me to bed,” Gregory whined.
“You’re a good boy, aren’t you, Gregory? Why don’t you let Aunt Tessa put your daddy to bed tonight?” Timothy coaxed the young boy while he sped up his pace. Timothy was afraid that Tessa would grow soft-hearted when she heard Gregory’s wails and that she would abandon Nicholas for Gregory.
Timothy’s predictions weren’t wrong-Tessa did feel the urge to go after Gregory when she heard the boy whining. However, Nicholas held onto her wrist before she could go anywhere. daily new latest chapter update only on “Don’t worry. Timothy will take good care of him,” Nicholas said. He knew what Tessa was thinking, so he reassured her before bringing her back to their room. Well, I guess Gregory is pretty close to Timothy. Furthermore, Timothy’s a gentle and patient man, so I’m sure he will be able to take care of Gregory, Tessa thought. So, she ended up going along with Timothy’s initial plan.
“I’ll go run a bath for you. You should soak in it for a while to relax,” Tessa suggested as she walked toward the bathroom. She had only taken a few steps when Nicholas suddenly swept her off her feet. She cried out in surprise as she instinctively h****d her arms around his neck. “What is it?” she asked in a soft voice.
“You wanted me to soak in a bath, right? So, let’s do it together.” He lowered his head to give her a seductive look as he spoke. Tessa’s face turned beet red when she heard his words. “I don’t want to be in a bath with you! Let me down!” She hastily tried to escape from Nicholas’ grip, but all of her efforts were in vain. How could he possibly
let her go just like that?
Soon enough, a string of interesting noises came from inside the washroom. About an hour later, Nicholas carried Tessa out of the bathroom before gently positioning her on the bed. Once she was free to move, she immediately curled up under the sheets before glaring at him resentfully. He chuckled as he knew that he might have gone overboard earlier. That was why she was so mad at him.
Tessa’s cheeks were still blushing a little under the dim light of the room-this, paired with her grumpy expression, made her seem more adorable than ever. Nicholas gulped saliva as he gazed at her. “Didn’t you say you wanted to give me a massage?” he asked in a thick voice.
He sat on the bed for a while before lying beside Tessa. She glared at him for a moment as if she were saying, Oh, do you only feel dizzy now? However, she didn’t end up saying those words as she realized a slight tension between the man’s eyebrows. Perhaps he’s really not feeling well, she told herself. So, she pulled the sheets aside and sat beside him before placing her fingers on his temples. Then, she rubbed them in a clockwise motion to soothe his dizziness.
Her body was relatively close to hers, so he could smell the scent of her body wash from her shower earlier. The girl had a unique scent that belonged only to her, and it tempted the man to act in various ways. So, all of a sudden, Nicholas grabbed onto her hand and flipped around to press her body under his. Before she could protest, he had already pressed his lips against hers.
After that, she found herself mesmerized by the man’s impressive kissing skills, and she no longer felt the need to push him away. The air around them turned warmer with every second. They had a long night ahead of them.
On the other hand, Stefania returned to the Sawyer Residence after the show. When she entered the luxurious hall, someone had turned all of the lights on.

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