Always Been Yours Chapter 494 by NovelsYou

Chapter 494
Hathaway walked over to Tessa to tell her about her future plans. “Now that the performance is over, you can stay home for a while. The orchestra will head home first, but I’ll have to wait for Kathleen to come out, so you can follow me back.”
Tessa’s eyes lit up upon hearing Hathaway’s words. “Thank you, Miss Hathaway,” she uttered gratefully. Hathaway beamed at her and gave Nicholas and Timothy a polite nod before seeing herself out. A while later, Nicholas and the rest of them also left the hotel.
Tessa was extremely happy on their ride home. She wrapped both her arms around Nicholas’s waist as she grinned happily. “Perfect. I’ll be able to stay with you guys for a while more.”
Nicholas patted her on the head as he curled his lips into a faint smile. He was clearly happy as well. When Tessa felt the warmth of his palm against the top of her head, her smile was so wide that her eyes had turned into crescents. As she inhaled the man’s scent, she realized the heavy stench of alcohol on him. “Do you feel light headed?” she asked worriedly.
Nicholas had been the only one taking all of the drinks—Tessa hadn’t had a single sip of alcohol to drink that night. “A little,” he replied honestly. For some reason, his voice sounded deeper and raspier than usual, perhaps because of all the drinks he had. It made his voice sound especially magnetic, and Tessa felt her ears tingling when she heard his voice.
“I’ll give you a massage once we’re home,” she offered. Her large, limpid eyes were fixed on his face as she spoke, and his expression softened as he nodded in response to her. Both of them seemed to give off a sweet, loving aura that filled the entire vehicle.
Timothy, who was sitting in a corner with Gregory in his arms, felt like the couple had unintentionally turned him into the third wheel once more. daily new latest chapter update only on He could feel his heart aching as he watched the sweet couple in action. In the past, Tessa would always check if he was doing fine after he drank alcohol, but she only paid attention to Nicholas right then.
At that thought, Timothy couldn’t stop himself from speaking up in a pitiful tone. “You should check on me too, Tessa. I drank a lot, and I feel really dizzy now. I need a massage, too,” he whined. Tessa turned to see Timothy looking like a young child
craving his mother’s attention. There was a somewhat jealous look in his eyes.
She could not help but laugh at the sight of her brother. She laughed so hard that her entire body trembled as she curled up in Nicholas’s arms. Even Nicholas smiled a little when he saw how amused Tessa seemed. Then, he reached an arm out to hold onto the girl’s back-he was worried that she would slip and fall to the ground of the car if she laughed any harder.
Although Gregory didn’t know what Tessa was laughing about, he began giggling with her when he saw how happy she seemed. The black Rolls-Royce took a slow drive home, and sounds of laughter filled the car on the way back. Timothy felt somewhat embarrassed when he saw how much his sister was laughing at him. He had never been one to whine or act cute, so he felt incredibly frustrated when Tessa laughed at his rare attempt to act cute.
“Tessa!” he protested.
“Fine, fine. I’ll stop laughing.” Tessa stopped laughing, but the same amused expression remained on her face. “I can’t believe you’re getting jealous about this. Fine. I’ll give you a massage later.”
“That sounds better,” Timothy uttered. Although it was embarrassing, he did manage to get the answer he wanted in the end. So, he spread his lips wide grin before turning to look at Nicholas. It was almost as if Timothy was trying to show off to Nicholas.
Nicholas noticed the other man’s childish actions, but he merely raised an eyebrow without playing along with the man. Tessa wasn’t aware of the two men’s interaction, for all her attention belonged to Gregory at that moment.
“I want a massage too, Aunt Tessa!” Gregory leaped out of his seat before looking at Tessa with a bright, anticipatory look on his face. The small boy clung to Tessa’s knees as he looked up at her. His eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings, and his chubby cheeks were like a chipmunk’s. Tessa felt like squishing his cheeks every time she saw him.
“Okay. Let’s give you a massage now.” Tessa slipped out of Nicholas’s arms before pulling Gregory onto her lap and kissing the young boy.

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