Always Been Yours Chapter 493 by NovelsYou

Chapter 493
She looked up and beamed at the man in front of her. “Where’s Gregory and Timothy?” she asked.
“I told them to return to the hotel first,” Nicholas said before turning to look at Hathaway. “I had been too busy with my work previously, so I didn’t get a chance to treat your colleagues. So this time, I got my men to prepare a proper celebration, and I’d like to invite all of you to it.”
Tessa didn’t seem surprised upon hearing this news-Nicholas had told her about it beforehand, anyway. The rest of the orchestra members didn’t seem to mind-they could have a celebration anywhere. Hathaway was the only one who gazed at Nicholas with a complicated look in her eyes as she clearly knew that the man’s actions were all for Tessa.
Nicholas didn’t seem bothered by Hathaway’s gaze, for he simply continued talking. “This is my way of showing gratitude for all your care toward Tessa.”
Hathaway couldn’t bring herself to reject his kind offer—Nicholas was simply too much of a gentleman. In the end, she had no choice but to agree with him. The celebration wasn’t too grand-it was hosted in the hotel where the orchestra members stayed. However, the food and drinks at the feast were prepared with exclusive ingredients and sent over from another five-star restaurant.
A huge drinking party was happening in the hotel ballroom. When Gregory found Tessa, he began to follow her around. Initially, many of the orchestra members assumed that Gregory was Tessa and Nicholas’s son. Only later did they find out that it was a misunderstanding. daily new latest chapter update only on However, when they all saw how close the young boy was to Tessa, they couldn’t help but tease her for it.
“Look at the both of them! I would think they were lying if they claimed they weren’t mother and son,” one said.
“I know, right? The boy’s eyes look really similar to Tessa’s,” another one said.
“They do look alike.” When Gregory heard everyone else saying that he looked like Tessa, a big smile spread across his face. He wrapped his arms around Tessa’s neck before speaking in his childlike voice. “I think I look like her too. She likes the violin, and I like the violin. I like her the most!”
Everyone melted at the young boy’s cuteness. “Gregory is way too cute, Tessa. I wish I . could bring him home,” someone commented. A proud look surfaced on Tessa’s face
when she heard all of her colleagues praising young Gregory. The adorable and obedient boy was part of her family.
It wasn’t just Gregory who was popular among the orchestra members-the gentle and soft-spoken Timothy also received a lot of attention. Some of the members even asked Tessa about Timothy. “Does your brother have a girlfriend, ‘Tessa? What do you think about me? Do you think I can be your sister-in-law?” So naturally, they all began crowding around Tessa for information about her brother.
Tessa let out a laugh. “My brother is single now. I don’t mind if you guys go after him, but I won’t offer you guys any help. It’s all up to my brother.” The girls were disappointed for a while, but they soon lifted their spirits once more.
Throughout this period, Nicholas was always beside Tessa. Although he had a quiet and elegant demeanor, he didn’t seem like an unapproachable person. During the peak of the celebration, Nicholas wrapped an arm around Tessa while he gave a simple speech. “I’m delighted to have met all of you, and I would like to thank everyone here for all the care you guys have given to Tessa.”
After finishing his speech, he held his glass up to everyone before finishing his drink. All of the orchestra members clapped and cheered for him, and some of them even let out sighs of admiration. “What should I do? I feel the sudden urge to be in a lovey dovey relationship after seeing Tessa and her boyfriend,” someone said.
“I’m tempted as well,” another one added.
“He’s such a perfect man. Tessa probably saved the whole universe in her past life,” someone commented. Tessa couldn’t conceal the happy smile on her face after hearing all the comments around her.
Amidst the hustle and bustle of the party, Hathaway had found herself a quiet spot in the corner of the hall where she sipped on her wine. She wasn’t in the mood for a celebration, but she didn’t want to dampen everyone else’s spirits, so she chose to hide in a corner. Later that night, after the celebration was over, many of the orchestra members were either tipsy or drunk.
Nicholas was thoughtful enough to arrange for the hotel staff members to send the people back to their rooms. Soon enough, it was just Nicholas, his father, Tessa, Timothy, and Hathaway, who had yet to leave.

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