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Chapter 492
Tessa’s control over the violin, in particular, had a way of pulling one’s heartstrings she was able to manipulate her bow in a way that produced an extremely soothing and gentle tone. So, it was no surprise that her exceptional violin skills came to the rest of the crowd as a shock.
Once the song was over, the audience erupted into applause that seemed louder than thunder. Gregory leaped off his seat in excitement. “Miss Tessa is so impressive, Daddy.” The young boy was clapping so hard that his palms were turning red.
Nicholas didn’t respond to the boy immediately-his loving gaze was too focused on the girl who seemed to outshine everyone on stage.
Timothy was clapping just as hard as everyone else, and a look of pride was in his eyes. He seemed genuinely glad that his sister was one step closer to fulfilling her dreams.
However, compared to the joy they were experiencing, things were much more complicated on Stefania’s end. She gazed at Tessa’s outstanding figure on stage. This was Stefania’s first time looking at Tessa, and she had just realized that Tessa wasn’t as bad as she had thought.
“Could I have had too many biases in the past? Is that why I thought of her that way?” Stefania couldn’t help but question herself.
Unfortunately, for her, there was no one there that could give her an answer.
Meanwhile, Hayley, who was sitting in the audience, was just as stunned as she watched Tessa. Both Hayley and Stefania knew that Tessa would be performing that night—they both showed up because they wanted to find out what it was about Tessa who left Nicholas so starstruck. So, when Hayley saw the confident woman on stage, she couldn’t help but turn around to look at Nicholas, who was sitting on the second floor.
As expected, Nicholas was watching the performance with a loving expression on his face. He looked nothing like the stone-cold man he was when he spoke to Hayley.
Hayley couldn’t explain how horrible she felt at that moment. After the rest of the performances came to an end that night, Tessa led her group of people out to bow to the audience before they headed off the stage.
Once they returned backstage, all of the performers seemed much more relaxed.
They began to talk about the performance they had just put up. Eventually, the topic of conversation turned to Tessa, and everyone showered her with their praises. “I didn’t expect you to show so much improvement during today’s performance, Tessa.”
“Yeah. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to follow the melody during the D Major section, but I’m surprised to see that she didn’t struggle at all,” someone commented.
“I believe she has the right to have a lead role in the orchestra now,” another one said.
“Why don’t we get the music director to arrange a position for her in the next show?”
“I think Tessa would do well on stage.”
Tessa quickly waved their compliments off humbly and she felt shy after receiving so many compliments. “I still have a lot to learn from my teachers, and I’m not as great
as you guys claim me to be. Stop complimenting me! I’m about to lose my mind.”
However, the moment Tessa finished her words, Hathaway let out a playful chuckle from beside her. “What’s wrong with celebrating your achievements for a moment? Today’s show was complete because of you.”
“Miss Hathaway,” everyone greeted when they saw her.
Hathaway gazed at the people around her before giving them an approving nod. “You guys worked really hard, and many people witnessed your stunning performance today. Tessa, in particular, did a great job. She performed really well.”
After she briefed the orchestra members about the performance, she saw Nicholas entering from the back door with a bouquet of white flowers before she could make an announcement for the afterparty they were about to have. Both she and Nicholas exchanged glances with one another. “Is anything the matter, Mr. Sawyer?”
“I’m here to give my girlfriend some flowers.” He fixed his gentle gaze on Tessa as he spoke.
“Ohhhhh, so you’re here to give her flowers, huh?” The rest of the orchestra members teased them playfully while some of them made faces in Tessa’s direction.
A few female orchestra members crossed their arms in front of their chests. “Why don’t I have a handsome boyfriend who can give me flowers?”
Tessa felt herself blushing as she heard everyone’s playful comments. Then, finally, her bright eyes glanced toward her man, and a thick layer of romance and sweetness
seemed to separate them from the world. The man strode over with white roses in his hands and a tender expression on his face.
When he got closer to her, he reached his arm out to hand her the flowers. “Congratulations. It was a great show, and everyone really enjoyed it,” he praised.
“Thank you!” Tessa took the flowers over before she lowered her head to sniff them.
The pleasant scent of flowers made her feel even happier than before.

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