Always Been Yours Chapter 491 by NovelsYou

Chapter 491
At this time, a black Rolls Royce was parked on the street.
The door of the car opened, and a pair of polished leather shoes was seen stepping on the ground. As one looked up, one could see long legs wrapped in suit pants and Nicholas’ flawless handsome face.
As always, there was a lack of expression on his delicate facial features. His entire being emitted an aristocratic aura.
The next person to get off was Gregory.
Gregory looked like a little gentleman wearing a white shirt with black overalls and a black bow tied around his neck. He was cool yet cute.
In the meantime, Timothy got off from the other side of the car. He was also wearing a black suit. Unlike the oppressive feeling possessed by Nicholas, his appearance was gentle and harmless, with a refined temperament.
In an instant, these three caught many people’s attention the moment they showed up.
Some people recognized Nicholas’ identity and stepped forward to greet him.
Annoyed, Nicholas impatiently dealt with these people. Then, he carried Gregory and went into the theater through the VIP channel.
Timothy followed behind closely.
Because it was a VIP ticket, their seats were in a private room located on the second floor with the best view.
“Daddy, can I go find Miss Tessa?”
As soon as he was seated, Gregory could not wait to go backstage to look for Tessa.
Nicholas glanced at him lightly, then rejected him by saying, “No, you can’t. She’s busy with the performance now and has no time to watch over you.”
Gregory let out a disappointed sigh when he heard that and sat sullenly on his seat.
When Timothy saw this, he felt slightly bad for him. So, he ruffled Gregory’s soft
black hair and coaxed him, “Greg, be a good boy. The performance will start in a while, and you can see Miss Tessa.”
Gregory nodded obediently and rested his.chin on his hand. Then, he stared at the stage below without blinking.
In his heart, he wished the performance would start soon so he could see Tessa.
At the same time, in three private rooms away from them, Stephania was sitting on a chair in a blue evening dress with an unreadable expression.
Ever since she knew Tessa had returned, she had been paying attention to her movements.
Because she knew Tessa had been living with her son, she never found a suitable opportunity to ask her out for a chaat.
She wanted to come over and check her out when she discovered that Tessa had a performance tonight. I want to see what capability does this woman have to be able to enchant both my son and grandson.
At 8 o’clock at night, the emcee officially announced the start of the musical concert.
In the meantime, everyone was ready backstage, and they were just waiting for the emcee to queue them to go up the stage.
Tessa stood at the forefront wearing a black dolman sleeve evening dress. Her black hair was tied in an updo, revealing her snowy fair swan neck. The pair of delicate ear studs she wore added a unique charm to her exquisite face.
However, one could see that her mood was very unstable at this moment through the constant heaving of her chest.
This was her first time performing as a concertmaster on such a big occasion, after all. Hence, there was no doubt that she would have butterflies in her stomach.
“Relax, take it easy, Tessa. Just treat it like a normal practice.”
Annie stood beside her and comforted her in a warm voice when she noticed how nervous Tessa was becoming.
When the others saw this, they also came to comfort Tessa.
Tessa felt a warmth flowing through her heart, and her emotions gradually eased up
a little.
At this time, Hathaway also came over, patted Tessa’s shoulder, and smiled. “Believe in yourself. You can do it.”
Tessa nodded firmly when she heard those encouraging words.
At this moment, the emcee announced loudly from the stage, “Next, we will invite the famous Hathaway Philharmonic on stage to bring you a fascinating musical performance.”
Tessa took a deep breath in the midst of the thunderous applause and led the band onto the stage.
As the spotlight on the stage fell on her at this moment, she looked eye-catching and was instantly charged with self-confidence.
“Daddy, look! It’s Miss Tessa!”
On the second floor, Gregory shouted excitedly when he saw Tessa standing at the front of the band.
Nicholas nodded in response as he stared at the girl on the stage intently with his eyes.
It was the same for Timothy, who was sitting next to him.
On the stage, Tessa picked up her violin and played the first note after she brought everyone to bow toward the audience.
The first piece to be played was Hathaway Philharmonic’s masterpiece, ‘Concerto in E minor
The music had a noble and gentle tone, especially during its second movement, as it gave off a sense of artistry toward the people.

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