Always Been Yours Chapter 445 by NovelsYou

Chapter 445 Something Isn’t Right
Kieran nodded and turned around before leaving the ward to contact his brother.
Meanwhile, it was already midnight in Vienna. In the dark and quiet room, a bright light came from the phone on the bedside table; it was persistently vibrating and making a buzzing sound.
“Turn it off.” Tessa let out a groan and pulled the blanket over her head.
After coaxing her for a moment, Nicholas picked up the phone with an irritated expression. When he saw that it was a call from his brother, he answered gloomily, “You’d better be calling for something urgent.”
“Nicholas, something bad happened to Grandpa. He’s in the hospital right now.”
“What happened?” Nicholas’ expression suddenly changed, and his voice became serious.
Tessa, who had already woken up next to him, sensed his heavy tone and got up to turn on the lights, looking at him in concern.
On the phone, Kieran told him everything he knew. “Grandpa had an acute heart failure. Although he was rescued, he’s still in critical condition. Dad thinks that Grandpa would definitely look for you when he wakes up, so he’s asking you to come back with Greg as soon as you can. Besides, there may be changes in the company due to Grandpa’s hospitalization, so we also need you there.”
“I understand. l’ll ask Edward to book a flight now. Please arrange for someone to wait for me at the airport.” Saying that, Nicholas hung up with a solemn expression.
Seeing that, Tessa quickly sat up and asked, “Are you going back? Did something happen?”
“Grandpa had an acute heart failure. He was rescued just now, but he’s still in critical condition. I need to bring Greg back immediately.” Nicholas did not hide anything and told her Remus’ situation truthfully.
Tessa was shocked by the news as heart failure was a very dangerous condition and might even cause sudden death. “Then, when are you leaving? I’ll help you pack your bags.”
She was about to get out of bed when Nicholas suddenly grabbed her wrist, and she was pulled into a soft embrace. “I’m sorry. I said I’d stay with you for a few months, but now I can’t do that anymore. Remember to take good care of yourself when I’m not around.”
His apologetic voice in her ear warmed her heart. She assured him with a light smile, “You don’t have to apologize to me. It’s an emergency, so I understand. When you go back, just take good care of your grandfather and don’t worry about me.”
That night, Nicholas rushed back to the country with Gregory. After getting off the plane, it was only evening in the country, and the two went straight to the hospital.
In the ward, Remus was still in a coma. Tobias, Stefania, and the housekeeper, Ian, had been watching over him the entire time. Hayley and her parents had also rushed over to pretend to care about Remus after receiving the news in the afternoon. When they saw Nicholas returning with Gregory, their eyes shone with victory. As for Tobias and Stefania, their heavy expressions eased a little upon seeing Nicholas. In particular, when Stefania saw Gregory, the gloom that had been hanging over her because of Remus’ condition dissipated a lot.
“Come here, my lovely grandson. Give Grandma a hug.” She stretched out her arms to Gregory.
Gregory obediently took the initiative to wrap his arms around Stefania’s neck and asked in concern, “Grandma, will Great-Grandpa be okay?”
“Don’t worry, he’ll definitely be fine,” she assured him.
Nicholas glanced at Remus in the bed. With a frown, he asked, “Dad, there should be a reason for Grandpa’s acute heart failure. What did the doctor say?”
“The doctor said that it might be because your grandfather was too anxious, which caused him to get a heart attack.”
Tobias explained the doctor’s analysis, but Nicholas felt like something was wrong. Even if Remus fell ill with a heart attack, it was impossible for his condition to deteriorate so much. Besides, Remus had always been healthy, and even if he had fainted from anger before, he was fine after staying in the hospital for two days.
“Ian, you spend time with Grandpa every day. Did you notice anything unusual?” Nicholas asked again.
Ian replied truthfully, “Master Nicholas, Old Master Sawyer’s sickness did come a little suddenly. Although he was a little angry previously because of your refusal to come back, he did not show any signs of discomfort.”

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