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Chapter 444 Old Master Sawyer Is Sick
On the other hand, Hayley didn’t say anything but only looked at her father quietly. She felt that he must’ve come up with the perfect idea if he could say something like that, and that was indeed the case.
Nero glanced at Sonia and said meaningfully, “Look, I’m not planning to do anything. I’m just worried about Old Master Sawyer, so I’ll send some supplements to him.”
Between the lines, Hayley grasped the real meaning behind her father’s words.

Early the next morning, Hayley went to Sawyer Residence with a large amount of supplements in her hands.
“Old Master Sawyer, I’m here to see you.” After following the housekeeper into the living room, she greeted Remus obediently.
When Remus saw that she was carrying a lot of supplements in her hand, he nagged her like a loving elder, “I’m happy that you came to see me. But why did you buy so many supplements? I can’t finish eating all of them.”
“It’s because the doctor said you needed these, so I wanted you to get better soon, of course. If you can’t finish it, you can eat it slowly.” As she spoke, she handed the supplements to the housekeeper and didn’t forget to remind him, “Make sure that Old Master Sawyer eats these. They’re good for his body.”
The housekeeper was also worried about the old man’s body and promised, “Don’t worry, Miss Stone, I’ll definitely make sure of that.” Saying that, he left with the supplements.
As Hayley watched his retreating back, she curled her bright red lips into a creepy smile. At a glance, the supplements looked fine, but if someone who was well versed in medicine saw them, they would be able to tell that these supplements actually had conflicting properties.
That night, the housekeeper asked the kitchen staff to prepare a medicated diet for Remus, who followed it for a few days in a row. One day, he had just finished his meal and was about to go for a walk in the garden, but as soon as he stood up, his chest suddenly began to ache. Then, he began coughing violently, and his red cheeks instantly turned pale.
“Old Master Sawyer!” The housekeeper was frightened. He rushed forward to support Remus who had fainted and shouted, “Hurry, call an ambulance and notify Master Tobias and the others!”
Amidst the chaos, the old man was finally sent to the hospital and underwent emergency resuscitation. Not long after, Tobias, Stefania, and Kieran had rushed over in a hurry. They surrounded the housekeeper and asked about Remus’ condition.
“Ian, what happened to my dad?”
“Ian, what’s the situation with Grandpa?”
Ian, the housekeeper, looked at the three concerned and anxious people in front of him and said apologetically, “I’m not sure about Old Master Sawyer’s condition. He was going for a walk in the garden after eating as usual today, but as soon as he got up, Old Master Sawyer clenched his chest before he collapsed and fell unconscious.”
When they learned that Remus had fainted, Tobias and Stefania’s faces turned solemn. In the quiet hallway of the hospital, the atmosphere was heavy as they waited outside the door with worried expressions.
A little while later, the operation that lasted a few hours was finally over, and the doctors and nurses pushed the unconscious Remus out. After he was settled in the ward, the Sawyer Family surrounded the doctor.
“Doctor, how’s my father’s condition?”
“The patient had an acute heart failure and is only temporarily out of danger, but his condition is still critical, and he needs to be hospitalized for observation.” The attending doctor reported Remus’ condition, shocking everyone in the Sawyer Family.
“Why did he have an acute heart failure?”
“Yeah, why? Our father was discharged from the hospital not long ago, and the doctor didn’t say that he had this problem at that time.”
Tobias and Stefania hurriedly pressed for answers.
The doctor explained, “Acute heart failure is categorized as a sudden symptom that isn’t traceable, and there are many reasons for this factor. You should try to accommodate the patient during these few days and don’t let him get too emotional.”
After saying a few words, the doctor left the ward.
Tobias looked at the unconscious Remus in the hospital bed. As if he had thought of something, he ordered with a serious expression, “Kieran, go and contact your brother and ask him to come back as soon as possible. The old man is sick, so he’ll definitely want to see him and Greg. Besides, the company will surely be unstable. I need to take care of the old man in the hospital, so I have no time to handle the company’s matters. I can only leave it up to you and your brother.”

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