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Chapter 443 Kathleen’s Unexpected Change
Tessa couldn’t rebuke, but she still attempted to save herself. “Why don’t you just continue with your work?”
She was now truly terrified of Nicholas’ energy. If they continued indulging themselves like this every night, she was genuinely afraid that she would die of exhaustion on this bed one day.
“It’s already late.” Saying that, he gently placed her down on the bed and trapped her body underneath his. Tonight was destined to be another wonderful night.

Early the next morning, the golden sunlight streamed into the room through the window.
Tessa slowly opened her eyes. When she subconsciously glanced sideways, she saw Nicholas’ flawless slumbering face close to hers. She didn’t have the heart to wake him up, so she lightly got out of bed and washed up before going downstairs to make breakfast.
After a while, Nicholas and Gregory woke up as well.
“Good morning, Miss Tessa.” Gregory scurried down the stairs with his short legs, greeting Tessa energetically.
“Good morning.” Tessa responded with a sweet smile on her face. Her bright eyes fell on the handsome man walking by, and she said softly, “Morning.”
“Morning.” A low, magnetic voice came from Nicholas’ mouth, sounding as melodic as a cello.
After the three enjoyed their breakfast like a family, Nicholas sent Tessa to the orchestra.
“I’ll pick you up after I get off work.” When they arrived at the entrance of the orchestra, Nicholas turned to help her unfasten her seat belt, explaining while asking for a parting kiss. Naturally, Tessa didn’t refuse. She got out of the car and entered the orchestra with a sweet smile on her face.
Along the way, the members of the orchestra and the staff greeted her one after another.
“Tessa, you’re back. Are you feeling better?”
“I am. Thank you for your concern.”
Tessa knew that her teacher had said that she fell sick as the reason why she had taken a leave.
Just then, Hathaway and Kathleen exited a practice room together and bumped into Tessa.
“Tessa, you’re here. How are you feeling? Do you feel better?” Hathaway stepped forward and sized her up, her face filled with genuine concern.
Tessa smiled lightly. “I’m much better. Thank you for your concern, Miss Hathaway.” As she said this, her eyes inadvertently swept to Kathleen who was standing by the side.
Kathleen noticed Tessa’s gaze, and her eyes flickered a little with guilt. She stepped forward with a smile, and for the first time ever, she expressed concern for Tessa. “It’s good that you’re feeling better. You have to take better care of yourself next time.”
When the others heard this, they were stunned. Doesn’t Kathleen dislike Tessa? Why is she showing concern for her all of a sudden?
As though she didn’t notice the surprised glances cast at them, Tessa replied with a smile, “Thank you.”
If someone took a closer look then, they would notice that Tessa’s smile had dropped slightly. However, their attention was completely on Kathleen, so nobody noticed the change in Tessa.
Back in the country, in the Stone Residence, once Hayley found out that her father’s targeted schemes toward Timothy had been stopped by Sawyer Group, she became even more anxious and frustrated. If Nicholas’ protected Tessa’s brother like this, it was clear that his love for that woman had extended to her family as well. If Hayley didn’t come up with a plan soon, she might really not have a chance anymore.
Her parents had also realized this, and they sat in the living room with displeased expressions. The atmosphere in the bright room became heavy all at once.
After a momentary silence, Sonia slowly spoke up. “I think that it’s important to separate Nicholas and Tessa for now, then make him come back to the country. Otherwise, no matter what we come up with, it’ll be useless if he isn’t here in person.”
Nero nodded in approval.
Hayley’s brows furrowed. “But how can we make Nicholas come back? When Old Master Sawyer personally went to Vienna before, he couldn’t even bring him back.”
“What if something happened to the Sawyer Family? For example, if Old Master Sawyer gets hospitalized…” Nero’s eyes narrowed ambiguously.
Hayley and Sonia looked at him dubiously.
“Don’t even go there, Nero. If the Sawyer Family finds out, our ten years of friendship would be gone in an instant. Remember what happened to the Gingham Family last time?” Sonia was shocked, thinking that Nero wanted to harm Remus.

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