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Chapter 442 Everlasting Happiness
When she returned to the master bedroom, Tessa saw that Nicholas had already washed up, so she took a change of clothes into the bathroom. By the time she came out again, she saw him sitting on the couch with a serious face and his computer on his lap. Walking over curiously, she found that he was looking at the company’s status on the stock market.
“If I’d known you had to work overtime after coming back so late, I wouldn’t have agreed to go out in the afternoon and wasted your time.”
Nicholas heard the worry in her words, and his originally stiff face broke into a small smile. Turning sideways, he said, “But I wanted to.”
As Tessa stared into his warm eyes, her heart throbbed fiercely, feeling a little moved.
Just then, his dark eyes fell on her wet hair, and he asked with a slight frown, “Why didn’t you dry your hair?”
“It’s fine. I’ll just wait for it to dry naturally.” Tessa looked down at her wet hair, not paying much attention to it.
However, Nicholas showed a look of disapproval at her words. “What do you mean it’s fine? The weather is getting cold, and you’ll get sick easily like this.”
Saying that, he put down his laptop and got up to go to the bathroom, where he retrieved a clean towel. “Come here, I’ll dry your hair for you.”
Under the light, his exquisite facial features were full of fondness. Tessa couldn’t find the words to refuse, so she walked over with a sweet smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.
She sat in front of Nicholas, feeling his unfamiliar motions on her scalp, and a sweet warmth spread inside of her as though her heart had been dipped in honey. He had never wiped someone else’s hair, but if it was for her, he would be willing to try anything for the first time. After patting out all the dampness from her hair, he took out the hair dryer, patiently and carefully drying her hair.
“Even if I’m not here in the future, you have to remember to dry your hair after taking a shower so that you won’t catch a cold.” Nicholas’ attractive voice sounded.
Tessa was moved, but she couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.
Nicholas looked down at her and raised his eyebrows slightly. “Did I say something wrong to make you laugh like this?”
After giving it some thought, Tessa replied, “When I first met you, I thought you were a cold and aloof president, but now, I don’t think that you’re cold at all.”
“Are you saying that I nag too much?” Nicholas’ face darkened slightly, and he looked at her unhappily.
Tessa was dumbfounded. It seemed that her words could indeed be taken that way. She hurriedly mollified him and said with a smile, “No, no, I was just kidding.”
Seeing the girl’s flattering smile, Nicholas scoffed softly and continued to dry her hair. After a while, when her hair was completely dry, he turned off the hair dryer.
Just as he was about to leave, Tessa suddenly wrapped her arms around his waist and sighed. “Days like these are perfect. It’d be great if we could stay like this forever.”
Hearing that, Nicholas hugged her back and lowered his head slightly, replying in a soft voice, “We will.”
Tessa smiled happily at his answer, then released him.
After Nicholas put the hair dryer back, he returned to the couch to continue watching the stock market. At the sight, Tessa frowned. She walked over quickly and crouched down before him, staring at him intently while propping up her chin.
“What’s wrong?” Nicholas sensed her gaze on him and turned to look at her.
As Tessa looked at his handsome face, there was a hint of distress in her coaxing voice as she said, “Let’s go to bed. Don’t work overtime anymore. You can get up early tomorrow to finish the rest of your work.”
Their eyes met, and as Nicholas looked down at her, his gaze gradually darkened. “Okay,” he agreed.
Suddenly, an evil smirk curled the corners of his lips, and he bent over slightly before scooping Tessa up. She subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck.
After regaining her senses, she realized that Nicholas had misunderstood her, and she felt embarrassed yet amused. “I didn’t mean it that way.”
“It’s fine as long as I do.”
Tessa was rendered speechless.

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