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Chapter 441 Family Outing
“The strings of your violin are unique and made-to-order. They’ll require a special order. And procuring the materials will also take time, so it will take at least one month in total to complete.”
Although Tessa felt that the time needed was too long, she didn’t say anything. After all, soft fire made sweet malt.
When they left the manor, Nicholas could tell from Tessa’s glum expression that she was brooding over her failure to take good care of the violin.
Suddenly, he put his arms around her and lowered his head to kiss her gently, cajoling, “Don’t blame yourself. The damage to the violin has nothing to do with you, and since Louis promised to repair it, he’ll definitely restore it to its original appearance for you.”
The hot touch on Tessa’s forehead seemed to warm her heart as well, and she stretched out her arms to wrap them around Nicholas’ waist, saying happily, “I’m so glad to have you.”
When they returned to the villa later, Nicholas saw that it was still early, so he proposed to take Gregory out to play. Although he successfully coaxed Tessa, he could see that she still had a weight on her shoulders. Gregory didn’t know what his father was thinking, but he was happy when he heard that they were going out to play.
“Daddy, Miss Tessa, where are we going to play?”
Nicholas looked at Tessa lovingly and asked, “Where do you want to go?”
She hadn’t expected him to ask for her opinion, so she was rendered speechless briefly, not knowing how to answer. Then, she glanced at Gregory who was standing next to her and smiled softly. “Let’s go wherever Greg wants to go.”
In the end, they went to an indoor children’s orchestra in the city with Gregory. During their time there, their extremely good looks attracted a lot of attention. Nicholas in particular had changed from his usual leather suit and wore casual clothes instead. His elegant yet relaxed appearance mixed with a tad of languidness made him look irresistible. However, neither of them cared about the looks they were getting.
After playing with Gregory for a while, they went to walk around at a nearby shopping mall. When they entered a children’s clothing store, Tessa picked out several striking clothes for him.
Looking at their good looks, the clerk couldn’t help but recommend, “Madam, our main line of this season is a series of matching family outfits. Would you like to take a look at that too? They are all styles for a family of three.”
Tessa’s cheeks flushed red in an instant, but just before she could explain, she heard the man’s deep and attractive voice. “We’ll have a look.”
“All right, sir. This way, please.” The clerk nodded happily.
Tessa glared at Nicholas poutily and said in embarrassment, “Why didn’t you let me explain? I haven’t married you yet.”
He wrapped an arm around her waist and replied with a soft smile, “You will soon.”
She had nothing to say to that, but her heart swelled with delight.
Meanwhile, Gregory trailed along by their side and looked around excitedly as his big, round eyes darted from left to right and back to left, making for an adorable sight.
By the time they walked out of the store, Nicholas had many bags in his hands. In addition to the clothes Tessa originally chose for Gregory, they also got one of each matching set that was recommended by the clerk. It was already dark outside when they exited the mall.
After handing off the bags to Edward for him to bring back to the villa, Nicholas took Tessa and Gregory to a high-end restaurant nearby for a hearty dinner. Once they were finished with their meal, they did not rush back home, but went to the surrounding park for a walk. Under the dark night sky, Tessa walked with Nicholas in one hand and Gregory in the other. The faint yellow street lights cast long shadows on their bodies, and the sight was warm and beautiful, as though it came straight out of a painting.
Later, when they returned home, all three of them were a little tired. After all, they had walked a lot that day, and Gregory in particular kept insisting on walking by himself. Hence, once Tessa was done helping him to take a bath, he didn’t need any coaxing before he went to bed and fell into a deep sleep.
“Good night.” Tessa gently kissed Gregory’s forehead, then walked to the door with soft steps and turned off the lights before she left.

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