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Chapter 439 Finding a Luthier
Early in the next morning, Nicholas went to the study to deal with some important affairs after finishing his meal with Tessa and Gregory, while Tessa took Gregory to the music room to practice the violin.
Later in the evening, Austin walked into the villa coolly in a black outfit. He knocked on the door before entering the study, and said respectfully, “Boss, the Black Wolves Mercenary Group still refuses to say who was behind the previous issue, and they have increased their defenses.”
When Nicholas heard this, his face darkened, and he ordered, “Continue to deal with them until you force the information of their employer out of them.”
“Understood.” Austin nodded. After finishing his report, he left the villa.
The study room regained its quiet again, and Nicholas continued to use the computer to process company documents remotely.
On the other side, Tessa held her violin and demonstrated the technique to Gregory. After playing through a brief melody, she put down the violin and asked while massaging her sore waist, “Do you understand it now?”
“Yes.” Gregory nodded while responding in a cute voice. Then, he blinked and asked in concern, “Miss Tessa, does your waist feel uncomfortable? Do you want me to help you massage it?”
As Tessa met Gregory’s eyes that were as bright as stars, she suddenly felt a little ashamed as she recalled the reason for her sore waist. She coughed lightly and lied, “It doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I was just massaging it casually. Greg, hurry up and practice your violin.”
Seeing that she didn’t seem to be lying, Gregory took his custom-made violin and started practicing.
Next to him, Tessa patted her burning cheeks and inwardly complained about Nicholas. I’m never gonna provoke that man again in the future.
Just as she was listening intently to Gregory’s performance, her phone suddenly rang on the table with a call from Scott. “Miss Reinhart, are you feeling better?”
“I’m all right now. Thank you for your concern, Mr. Brooks.”
When Gregory heard a man’s voice on the phone, he couldn’t help but p***k up his ears to eavesdrop. He wanted to help his father keep an eye on her so that she wouldn’t be snatched away by other men.
Meanwhile, Tessa didn’t notice Gregory’s movements, and walked to the window with her phone in her hand.
Scott’s gentle voice came from the phone again. “Have you brought your violin for repairs already?”
“Not yet.”
“If that’s the case, why don’t I go over and pick you up? I can take you to meet a luthier that I know to fix your violin’s strings.”
“Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Brooks, but my boyfriend has already found a luthier for me.”
Tessa’s rejection made Scott’s voice sound a little disappointed. “I see. May I know who’s the luthier he found?”
“It’s Mr. Louis.”
Tessa’s truthful answer made Scott a little astonished. “Mr. Louis? That’s a surprise.”
Louis was recognized as the best luthier in the industry. Most people couldn’t make an appointment with him even if they wanted to, but Nicholas did it effortlessly. Suddenly, Scott became even more curious about Nicholas’ identity.
However, he did not question Tessa about it and replied with a smile, “Since Mr. Louis has agreed to help you repair your violin, it’ll definitely be restored exactly to its original state. After all, he’s a very talented luthier.”
Tessa was also clear about Louis’ abilities. She smiled and nodded. “I hope it turns out as you say. Also, thank you for remembering my issues.”
“This is nothing. It’s just the least I can do, so you don’t have to be polite to me.” Scott didn’t like it when Tessa was being too courteous to him.
After that, the two chatted briefly before hanging up.
Just as Tessa turned around with her phone, she unexpectedly saw Gregory eavesdropping on her, and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sight. Naturally, she knew what the young boy was thinking about, so she walked over and tapped his brows affectionately, her tone uncontrollably doting as she said, “You and your shenanigans. Alright now, go practice your violin.”
During the afternoon, Nicholas took Tessa to look for Louis.

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