A Man Like None Other, Chapter 930

A Man Like None Other, Chapter 930

Chapter 930 I Have Backup

“That’s amazing speed… It seems like I was right about Nine Shadow Clones…”

A smile flashed across Jared’s face. He had been figuring out Ichiro’s Nine Shadows for the past few days, and he finally had some clues.


Ichiro’s figure speedily breezed past and sent a forceful punch toward Jared.

However, the latter did not dodge and allowed the former to hit him as he wanted.

Jared’s body only shook a little but was completely unruffled.

Conversely, Ichiro felt a slight numbness spreading across his arm as he stood some distance away, staring at Jared.

“True enough, the faster your speed, the weaker your power. You failed to make a good balance between power and speed. Your so-called Nine Shadow Clones is merely you forsaking power for speed. Now that I see it, it’s extremely useless,” Jared scoffed at Ichiro.

Ichiro’s shadow clone was basically trying to cause an illusionary confusion in everyone’s eyes with its speed.

“Do you really think you’ve figured out the technique?”

With that said, Ichiro pulled out his lightweight sword. Its body was exuding a faint glint that was made stronger upon injection of martial energy, leaving the weapon buzzing.

“What is it? You’re already a loser. Are you still intending to use the same tactic on me?” A look of contempt glinted in Jared’s eyes. And with a swing of his arm, the Dragonslayer Sword appeared in his hand.

“Hmph! We’re not in the arena today. You’ve forgotten that I have backup…”

As Ichiro finished his sentence, the three black-clothed men ripped off their black robes, revealing their golden armor. Coupled with the face masks, they looked exactly like warriors.

Under the hot sun, the golden armor on their bodies gleamed malevolently, forming three visibly apparent rays that cast toward the sword in Ichiro’s clutch.

Hints of murderous intent became apparent on the weapon as the bouts of energy emitted from it skyrocketed.

Sensing the deadly aura surrounding Ichiro’s sword, the deeply unsettled Jared knitted his brows tightly.

“This time, you shall have a taste of my Nine Shadows…”

Just after Ichiro made that remark, he sprang into the air and extended his weapon at an angle, forming a terrifying beam leading toward Jared.

An inexplicable sense of danger bloomed in the latter. At once, the man swung the Dragonslayer Sword, which had flames rising from its blade, forward!

Boom! Boom!

As the two weapons clashed against each other, the strong impact sent Jared’s body flying across the air. And as though someone tossed a grenade on the island, a pit about ten meters deep was created from the collision, resulting in trees in the surrounding collapsing.

“J-Ja…” Andrew rushed forward to check on Jared’s condition.

Jared stood up, and despite looking utterly miserable and pitiful, he was unharmed.

“I didn’t know your body is that tough…” Seeing that Jared was not at all injured, Ichiro was dumbfounded.

“Ichiro, this is a competition. How dare you secretly bring along more help? You’re breaking the rules,” Andrew angrily chided Ichiro.

“Hahaha! What rules? I’ll be the victor when I kill all of you! The victor sets the rules…” Ichiro let out a hearty laugh.

“Don’t get too arrogant yet. With the two of us together, there’s nothing you can do even with backup.”

Following the furious growls, Andrew’s body gradually swelled in size, and hairs began growing on him at an immensely rapid speed.

He was about to transform into his optimal battle mode…

A frown formed between Ichiro’s brows. If Jared and Andrew gang up against me, I really won’t be able to handle them.

“What are you guys doing standing still? Get moving and kill them right away!” He turned to the samurais behind him and anxiously commanded.

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