A Man Like None Other, Chapter 929

A Man Like None Other, Chapter 929

Chapter 929 Fury Unleashed

“What should we do next? Ichiro is no match for our combined strength.”

With Jared’s help, Andrew knew that killing Ichiro would be a walk in the park.

“Your subordinates have also been poisoned. As Ichiro has the antidote, this is what we should do…” Jared laid out his plan.

Andrew’s eyes lit up upon hearing of it. Without any hesitation, he agreed with Jared.

“Andrew, what are you messing around for? Kill him!” Ichiro barked when he saw Andrew fighting a stalemate with Jared.

Just as Ichiro thundered, Jared roared, “Andrew, since you have lost your mind, forgive me for doing this!”

The next moment, a golden hue flashed from Jared’s fist as he launched it at Andrew.

From the looks of it, Jared had lost his patience. He no longer cared that Andrew was a Senerisian.


With a rumble in the background, Andrew was sent flying toward where Ichiro was standing.

At the sight of Andrew being hit, Ichiro snapped, “You piece of s**t, get up!”

Ichiro pulled Andrew up as he continued to hurl insults at the latter.

However, the moment Andrew got on his feet, he made his move. Reaching his hand into Ichiro’s chest, he pulled out a bag of white powder.

Ichiro was stunned by Andrew’s sudden action. By the time he regained his senses to attack, he ate a kick unleashed by Andrew, causing him to stagger a few steps back.

If not for the three masked men, Ichiro would have fallen onto the ground b**t-first.

“Jared, check if this is the antidote?” Andrew asked as he handed the white powder over.

After taking a sniff, Jared nodded. “Quick, let your subordinates breathe this in.”

“All right!” Andrew hurriedly took the antidote and cast it at his subordinates.

Meanwhile, Ichiro was outraged by the scene.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t Andrew poisoned by the red spider lily from the beginning? Why is he suddenly awake? Why aren’t all of you poisoned?”

Ichiro furrowed his brows in confusion.

Smirking at Ichiro, Jared plainly explained. “I have seen through your plot from the very beginning. Even though the poison’s concentration was low, I still managed to detect it. Hence, I ordered my men to hold their breath the moment we landed. As for Andrew’s poison, I have cured him of it.”

“That’s impossible! Only I have the antidote to the red spider lily’s poison. There’s no way you can dispel it. I don’t believe you at all!” With that, Ichiro roared, “Release the poison, and kill all of them.”

Upon Ichiro’s instructions, the three masked men accelerated the pace of their chanting, causing the red spider lilies to emit a pink mist with greater intensity.

In response, Jared cast a spell with his hands and ignited two b***s of dancing blue flames above his palms. After that, he hurled both of them at the red spider lilies.


The moment the two blue infernos touched the pink mist, it exploded into a giant fireball, incinerating the flowers into ash.

With the red spider lilies destroyed, Ichiro flew into a rage for the flowers were the Watanabe family’s most prized treasure. Given that he had brought them there without their permission, he would definitely be punished upon his return.

Now that they were destroyed, Ichiro didn’t know how to explain it to his family.

“I’m going to kill you!” Ichiro roared as he charged at Jared in a split second.

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