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Chapter 883 Make Fun

Most people had to be a grandmaster in order to be able to gain entry into the Department of Justice of Jadeborough. After all, it was the headquarters of the Law Enforcement Department of Jadeborough.

The moment Jared and the others arrived at the Department of Justice at Jadeborough, Shane came out to greet them with his team.

“Salute!” Shane called out as he saw Theodore and Jared’s car.

All of the teams of the Department of Justice were saluting them.

Looking at how grand things were, Jared felt a little nervous.

Theodore noticed that and reassured Jared, “Mr. Chance, there’s no need to be nervous. In the future, all of them will be your subordinates. You will be able to do whatever you want with them.”

Jared was puzzled. “General Jackson, what do you mean? I’m only here to participate in the tournament.”

“Let’s talk inside.”

Theodore looked at Jared with a meaningful smile, and that made Jared feel as if he had fallen into some kind of trap.

The two men got down from the car and walked toward the Department of Justice.

Both Samuel and Tristan had returned to the Bailey family home. Under Jared’s instructions, Lyanna had gone to the Medicine God Sect. Jadeborough was a dangerous place, and there were many people hunting for Jared. Hence, he did not want Lyanna to risk her life because of him.

“Mr. Chance, we meet again,” greeted Shane with pleasure.

“Captain Walsh, you have made tremendous improvement.”

Jared took a glance at Shane and realized that he had already become a Fifth Level Grandmaster.

Shane smiled bashfully. “Mr. Chance, please don’t make fun of me. You, on the other hand, have attained a great achievement. I heard that you killed Xander who was a Martial Arts Grandmaster not too long ago.”

“Captain Walsh, your news is too outdated. There’s no big deal about Xander. Two days ago, Mr. Chance fought against Hayden and General Declan of Turcoln. What do you think was the outcome?”

Theodore smiled.

Shane quickly asked, “So, what happened?”

“Mr. Chance finished the two of them in one swift move. There was nothing left of them.”

When Shane heard that, he gasped. Both Hayden and Declan were famous Martial Arts Grandmasters. They were so much more powerful than Xander who had only become a Martial Arts Grandmaster very recently. Furthermore, it was two against one, and yet, Jared still ended up killing both of them. Jared’s abilities had reached a frightening level.

“General Jackson, please don’t make fun of me.”

Jared smiled.

The group of them walked into the Department of Justice. Shane personally served Jared with refreshments. Theodore also invited Jared to sit next to him.

“Mr. Chance, the Department of Justice of Jadeborough looks like a formidable force with great powers to outsiders. In truth, the Department of Justice is about to be disbanded,” said Theodore with a sigh.

Jared was baffled. “General Jackson, what do you mean by that?”

Theodore explained solemnly, “Mr. Chance, you have no idea that the Department of Justice is almost always at the bottom during the yearly international tournament, and that embarrassed Chanaea. We have received news that if we don’t obtain any ranking during the tournament this time around, the Department of Justice will be disbanded.”

“Your department is always ranked last? How can that be? Are there no strong fighters in Chanaea?”

Jared was a little surprised. After all, Chanaea had several elite fighters. How can things be this bad?

Theodore sighed before continuing, “It’s true that there are a lot of elite fighters in Chanaea, but none of them are willing to join the Department of Justice. As far as they are concerned, the Department of Justice is inferior. Those people will rather set up their own sects or join the martial arts association in Jadeborough. Nobody is interested in the Department of Justice.”

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