A Man Like None Other Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Insolent Son

That person was Sean’s son, Gavin. He was the same age as Franco, only a few months younger. Despite being born in the same year, their lives were completely different. Franco’s father, Xander, was the head of the Cooper family, so his status within the family was much higher than Gavin’s.

Therefore, the Coopers had given Franco more resources for cultivation ever since he was young, allowing him to reach the Grandmaster rank at a young age. On the other hand, Gavin spent his days as a prodigal and womanizer. He was not jealous of his cousin’s rank nor interested in cultivation, so he was not even a martial artist.

Disappointed with his good-for-nothing son, Sean wanted to knock some sense into Gavin, and sometimes he even thought of resorting to violence.

“Shut up! You don’t know anything,” he roared at his son.

Seeing that his father was enraged, Gavin threw the fork in his hand. “I’m done eating. I’m heading out.”

He stood up from his seat and left, probably to some bar.

“Such an insolent son! I would’ve slapped you to your death if you weren’t my biological son,” Sean yelled, but his reprimand fell on deaf ears.

After Gavin was out of his line of sight, Sean looked down at the table of dishes. Having lost his appetite, he slammed his palms on the table, which crumbled into smithereens from the force. That sight frightened the housekeepers standing at the side so much that they shuddered.

At that time, the butler of the Cooper family rushed into the dining room. When he saw the mess on the floor, he gestured for the housekeepers to clean it up immediately.

“Mr. Sean, I heard that Jared has indeed successfully treated Mr. Cadden’s son, so Mr. Cadden is very respectful toward him,” he reported.

Sean’s expression turned sour. “F**k! That brat has some tricks up his sleeves, managing to curry favor with Jermaine. It seems like we can’t do anything to him when he’s in Jadeborough. I’ll discuss the matter with Xander once he’s out.”

Leaning forward, the butler whispered in Sean’s ear, “Mr. Sean, I also found out about another piece of information…”

Sean’s expression changed a few times until it finally morphed into one of delight. “Is it true?”

“I’m sure of it. I heard about this from Mr. Cadden’s housekeeper,” the butler affirmed, nodding his head firmly.

“Excellent! If so, we don’t have to sully our hands.” Sean laughed boisterously. “Contact the Mapletons. I want to meet them.”

“Yes, sir.” The butler nodded and left.

In a merry mood, Sean had a cunning gleam in his eyes as he uttered, “Oh, Jared! How foolish of you to offend the Mapletons out of all people. I’d like to see if you can leave Jadeborough in one piece…”

Meanwhile, Jared was strolling on the bustling street of Jadeborough and checking out the beautiful lights on either side of the sidewalk.

Suddenly, he felt a faint spiritual sense moving toward him from behind.

A pucker formed between his eyebrows, and his heart began to race.

No one other than energy cultivators could use their spiritual sense for inspection. Even the strongest of mages could not develop them.

Jared had developed his spiritual sense after entering the Transcendence Phase, but it was weak. Nonetheless, it was still helpful, or he could not have discovered someone was monitoring him.

Not daring to talk or make any unnecessary movement, he pretended to be utterly clueless as he continued to walk forward.

At that moment, he was excited yet nervous because it was his first time meeting another energy cultivator other than Draco. However, he had no idea why the other party was following him and whether the latter was a friend or foe.

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