A Man Like None Other Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Superficial

Both Jermaine and Theodore were taken aback by his question. A troubled look appeared on their faces. In the end, it was the latter who said, “Mr. Chance, of course, there are people who can subdue those Mapletons. Even if highly-skilled mages dare cause trouble in Jadeborough, someone will intervene. However, it isn’t under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice.”

“So, do you mean to say there’s a Law Enforcement Department above the Department of Justice?” asked Jared in surprise.

“No, they aren’t the Law Enforcement Department. These people aren’t bound by the law. Nobody can control or order them around. Even everyone from the Senary Porta has no right to command them,” said Jermaine as he shook his head.

“Them? Who are they? Are they energy cultivators?” Jared became a little excited.

Jermaine was momentarily dumbstruck when Jared mentioned “energy cultivators.”

Theodore explained, “Mr. Cadden, Mr. Chance is an energy cultivator himself. But, at the moment, he isn’t strong enough.”

Jermaine appeared even more shocked, and it took a while before he regained his composure. “No wonder Mr. Yonce isn’t a match for you. It turns out that you’re an energy cultivator,” he commented.

“Mr. Cadden, are those people energy cultivators as well?” asked Jared once again.

Jermaine shook his head and replied, “I don’t know. Even if I know, I can’t tell you because it’s confidential.”

When Jared heard that, he looked disappointed.

“Mr. Chance, it’s indeed confidential. I hardly know much about it myself. That’s why we cannot ask them for help. Please, Mr. Chance, you have to help us.”

Jared furrowed his brows. He really did not want to get involved.

“Mr. Chance, are you worried that the Coopers may take revenge on you if you stay in Jadeborough? I can warn the Coopers to stay away from you during your time in the city. I assure you that you won’t be harmed.” Theodore presumed Jared was afraid of the Coopers, which was why he made that declaration.

Puzzled, Jermaine asked, “Mr. Chance, do you have grudges with the Coopers?”

Theodore nodded and shared the story with him.

After learning about the ins and outs of that matter, Jermaine added hastily, “Don’t worry, Mr. Chance. I can also stand up for you.”

“Both of you got it all wrong. I’m not concerned about the Coopers. It’s just that I have some other things to see to.”

Jared was not scared of the Coopers at all. He just could not afford to waste time since he wanted to cultivate.

“Mr. Chance, you mustn’t underestimate the Coopers. The only reason I can oppress the Coopers and stand up for you is that Xander, the head of the Coopers, is still training in solitude. Once he is out and finds out that you have killed his son, I’m afraid he won’t bother to show me any respect by then,” said Jermaine.

Jared was startled to hear that. “Is the Coopers that powerful?”

Jermaine was, after all, the head of Senary Porta. He was someone that even Theodore had to behave respectfully toward. Thus, it was unthinkable that the Coopers dared to show disregard for him.

Jermaine sighed and said nothing. On the other hand, Theodore explained, “Mr. Chance, there’s something you’re unaware of. The Coopers are more powerful than you think. Xander and his family are only a collateral branch of the actual Cooper family. Their family holds immense power and influence all over Jadeborough, even the whole of the northern region, but they’re quite inconspicuous.”

Jared was somewhat surprised by the revelation. He did not expect that the Coopers he saw were only a small fraction of the actual Cooper family.

“Mr. Chance, everything that you have seen is superficial. The water runs deep in Jadeborough. Most common folks won’t even be able to notice the truly powerful families. Some have never even heard of them,” Jermaine lamented.

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