A Cue for Love, Chapter 803

A Cue for Love, Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Benefits

A lump began to form in Natalie’s throat. It was after much effort did she manage to stop herself from crying.

On the rooftop, Samuel had saved her. It was her turn to save him!

She did not know how much time she had left, but if there was even a tiny chance of recovery, she would give everything to treat Samuel. At the thought of Samuel’s body deteriorating, it was as though a hole had been ripped out of Natalie’s chest. It was so heartbreaking that even breathing felt painful.

She could not afford to be careless, nor could she afford to waste any more time. From the shelf, she pulled out some herbs and inspecting them carefully before placing them together.

After going downstairs, she went to the kitchen, brought out a clay vessel and began to brew the medication.

A little over an hour passed.

After taking out the remains from the decoction, Natalie poured out a bowl of brown liquid.

Her reddened eyes did not escape Gavin’s notice. He could not help but feel concerned for her. “Um… are you…”

“I’m fine, Gavin.” Natalie cupped the hot bowl in her hands. “It’s Samuel. There are some issues with his body. But it’s okay. I will find a way to heal him, I promise.”

Natalie continued, “I can’t take care of the kids for now. I would need your assistance when it comes to that.”

Gavin felt uneasy with what he was hearing. Just as he was about to say a few more words, Natalie had made her way back upstairs with the bowl in her hand.

Back in the bedroom, Natalie walked toward the couch and looked at Samuel, who was sleeping soundly.

Even though less than two hours had passed since they got out from the car, Samuel showed more signs of aging. A few more gray hairs sprung up from his sideburns.

Natalie felt her urge to cry returning. Nonetheless, she fanned her tears away with her hands, afraid that Samuel would figure out what was wrong if she cried.

“Hey Samuel, the medicine is ready.” Natalie forced herself to smile in a relaxed manner. “Get up and drink it.”

At her voice, Samuel opened his eyes and looked at her face.

“Why do I need to take the medicine?”

“Because I’m still worried.” Natalie’s lips curled into a whiny smile. “So I prepared this medicine for you to strengthen your immune system. It’ll do your body good if you drink this medicine.”

“Can I not drink it?” Samuel frowned.

“No!” replied Natalie firmly and resolutely.

Samuel stared at the bowl of brown liquid. His brows were knitted so tightly that a fly could be killed if it were caught in the frown. Without a doubt, Natalie knew that he was objecting to the medicine’s bitterness. If it were possible, she did not want to give him the medicine either…

With that thought, Natalie placed the bowl down and cupped Samuel’s face before leaning down and kissing him on the lips.

Just as their lips touch, Natalie felt her heart clenched at the thought of Samuel suffering. Suddenly, she was reluctant to let go of his lips. In fact, her kisses deepened and got more passionate. She stuck her tongue in and played with his teeth and gently teased him.

When she finally let go of his lips, Samuel asked in a low whisper, “Not embarrassed anymore?”

“Just giving you something sweet before the medicine,” Natalie commented lightly, suppressing the pain in her heart. “Alright Samuel, drink up. The effects of the medicine will weaken if it gets cold.”

Samuel cast a serious look at her before taking the bowl from her and drinking it in one gulp without hesitation.

“Nat, you lied to me, didn’t you?” In the end, Samuel still saw through her act.

“What if I tell you… I did?”

“I still won’t blame you.” Samuel caressed Natalie gently on her cheek. “Even if I lose my life because of your lie, Nat, I will not complain.”

“Samuel Bowers! I forbid you to speak such nonsense!” Natalie pressed her cheeks onto his palms. “You will live a long life! You will grow old with me! We would still be holding hands under the sun even in our seventies or eighties!”


Soon, Samuel felt the exhaustion overtaking his body. His eyelids drooped as he once again drifted into a slumber.

Natalie had only rested him onto the bed when an urgent knock sounded at the door.

Knock knock knock.

Natalie went to open the door. Behind it were Justin and Steven. Both of them had a panicked look on their faces.

With a grim expression, Justin inquired, “Samuel. He’s showing signs of aging, isn’t he?”

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