A Cue for Love, Chapter 802

A Cue for Love, Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Conspire

The long kiss finally ended.

It was only after Natalie’s blushing face returned to normal color did Samuel called out in a low tone. “Come in, Billy.”

From outside the door, Billy once again entered the room, awkwardness written all over his face. He handed over Samuel’s health report. “Here you go.”

Completely forgetting about her embarrassment, Natalie quickly got the report from Billy and started reading it carefully.

Whether it was the complete blood count or the MRI scan, everything showed that Samuel was of optimum health.

After reading it over and over a few times, Natalie finally put the report down with a frown on her face. “Samuel, did you and Billy conspire with the hospital against me?” she interrogated.

Samuel took the report from Natalie and flipped through a few pages before asking Billy, “Billy, tell her, did you make any alterations to the report?”

At the mention of his name, Billy’s expression turned solemn as he vowed, “I swear, I have not tampered with anything! If I had conspire with the doctors, then I, Billy Morin, would never be rich and will never have any descendants!”

The vow he made truly was harsh.

Upon hearing Billy making such vow, Natalie could determine that he did not lie and that the report was genuine.

“How… how could this be?” Before Natalie could even allow herself to feel happy, suspicions rose within her heart. “How could this possibly be? Yara had put in so much effort into laying out this trap. She even used a child to threaten me, forcing me to inject the drug into myself. How could it be possible that it has no effect on the human body?”

Even Samuel found it unbelievable. However, at the thought that his body was not like the average person’s, he suggested, “Isn’t this a good thing? Don’t overthink this. Perhaps the drug could have caused great harm to you, but not to me.”

Lowering her head to read the report once again, Natalie’s lips curled into a smile after confirming that there were no mistakes.

Ever since Samuel had taken the injection to distract Yara, a seed of worry had been planted deep in her heart. Although it looked as though the seed had not sprout at the moment, Natalie could not help but feel as though the roots were growing and that it was only a matter of time.

“I’m fine. Let’s go home.”


Samuel changed out of the hospital gown and into his white shirt. He then left the hospital with Natalie.

The two of them made their way back to the Bowers residence. The journey was approximately thirty minutes.

Natalie glanced at Samuel subconsciously. All of a sudden, she noticed wrinkles on the corner of Samuel’s eyes that were not present a few minutes ago. Gray hairs could also be seen between his usually pitch black hair.


Natalie’s lips parted as her eyes widened in bewilderment. She stared at Samuel in disbelief.

Unaware of what was happening, Samuel brushed her nose lovingly. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

The seed of worry in Natalie’s heart finally sprouted at that moment. Not only did it sprout, it was growing at an alarming speed. Natalie believed she had figured out what the effect of the drug was, but it was an effect she refused to believe in.

Seeing that Natalie remained speechless, Samuel narrowed his eyes slightly. “Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked again.

“No reason.” Snapping out of her thoughts, Natalie shook her head, deciding against telling him the truth.

She was unwilling to accept such reality. With Samuel’s pride, he might not be able to accept that cruel reality either.

She had to find the antidote. If she could keep Samuel from finding out the truth, albeit just for one day, she would not hesitate to continue hiding the truth from him.


“Why would I lie?” Out of nowhere, Natalie leaned forward and kissed Samuel on the lips. “No matter how things change—how you change—I will always love you!”

Samuel was taken back by Natalie’s initiative, but at the same time enjoyed the surprise kiss.


After Samuel got out of the car, Natalie tailed behind him into the bedroom.

He seemed to be a little tired and wanted to take a short rest on the couch.

After covering Samuel with a wool blanket, Natalie left the bedroom swiftly and entered the room where she specifically used to store different types of herbs and medications.

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